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If you are looking for a luxury trip to a paradise destination, the Maya Riviera will inevitably spring to mind. This coastal strip more than 100 km long boasts what are probably the most photographed beaches on the planet; renowned Mayan ruins such as Cobá or Chichén Itzá; the deep waters off the island of Cozumel or the Sian Ka'An Biosphere Reserve. It is no coincidence that the Barceló Hotel & Resorts on the Maya Riviera remain in the traveller’s memory as an eternal summer.

Paradise is truly here at the Barceló Hotel &Resorts on the Maya Riviera

The beaches on the Maya Riviera are what you imagine when talking about sandy oases and crystal clear blue seas. From Puerto Morelos to Punta Allen, the fine white sand and the clear and calm waters allow for a wide variety of water sports. They also leave room for adventure: you can visit the private nature reserve of Río Secreto, with its caves full of stalactites and stalagmites; go diving in Cozumel and gaze at the starfish colonies, or discover the coral on the Palancar reef, where more than 250 species of tropical fish can be found.

Another option is to rent a kayak and head for the Sian Ka'An Biosphere Reserve, with its 500 hectares of marshes, dunes, jungle and mangroves. Here manatees, also known as sea cows, and more than 300 species of birds are the regular inhabitants. Experience the unusual environments provided by Barceló Hotel &Resorts on the Maya Riviera, while taking a rest in exclusive surroundings.

Take a trip into the Mayan past

This area takes its name from two important archaeological sites: Cobá, about 40 km from Tulum, and Chichen Itza, recognised as one of the seven wonders of the modern world. The temple of Kukalcán, together with its beaches, is one of the most recognisable picture postcard images this side of the globe.

If you want to experience luxury and leave your holiday in the best hands, choose any one of the Barceló Group hotels on the Maya Riviera.