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Discover the tourist complex of Port El Kantaoui

Port El Kantaoui is a small tourist spot located on Tunisia’s central coastline and made up of numerous hotels, top-quality restaurants on the seafront, extensive beaches alongside turquoise waters, golf courses, and entertainment facilities.

Undoubtedly, one of the main reasons to go to Port El Kantaoui on holiday—other than its lively atmosphere during high season—is for its beaches, some of the most beautiful and renowned beaches across Tunisia. Anyone who travels to this destination will find that it’s the perfect place to unwind and use as a base to travel to nearby cities and points of interest.

Featuring charming white and blue houses that have all the characteristics of the Mediterranean, this complex takes its design inspiration from the architectural style of Tunisia with an old quarter and narrow pedestrian streets lined with shops selling handicrafts, accessories, and beauty products. However, the activity in this tourist spot is concentrated around the marina.

There’s something for everyone if you stay at a hotel in Port El Kantaoui, such as the El Kantaoui Golf Course (36 holes); the Friguia Zoo, a nature reserve tucked away in the desert created for the conservation of African savanna animals; or the Acqua Palace water park. A perfect family holiday in Tunisia awaits!