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Formentor Sunset Classics

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Come and enjoy the masterful classes of

Felipe Aguirre

19: 00 - 20: 00

Beethoven: the pain of great food


Due to the 250th anniversary of the German composer’s birth, we will tour the highlights that marked the life and work of this great genie. From the Sonata Patron to the Ninth Symphony, passing through some of the most iconic pieces of chamber music, we will analyse the creative process that confronted the author with the strong abyms of the human psychoque: where, since surpassing its most daring destination, he revealed his best-in-side Musa.

The art of Medieval troversers


In one of the most fascinating eras of history, the Middle Ages, a movement of artists, poets and musicians that tried to devialise with the singing of the Lady of Lady. Born as a practice elitist, trovatesque art crossed, nevertheless, by several places in Europe, he disseminates its inflow across the cuts of France, Germany and Italy, and creates an archaetype that still has echoes in the present: the former poetic exaltation of Eternal Women.

The mythical origin of music


The beginning of music is closely linked to mythology. In all ancient cultures, instruments and artistic practices have a mythical and, consequential, symbolic origin. Through the audition of the most important musical expressions in the Greco-Egyptian tradition, we will explore its relationship with the Gods, creation and vision of the world: a way of getting closer to the albadtion of the art of sounds.

Richard Wagner, the apophosis of the opera


Following the large humanists of his time, who found Greece the ideal civilization that could be possible to get to Europe from its growing decadence, Richard Wagner created an artistic expression that was far beyond the opera. The “musical drama”, as he called him, would be called on the German society the role that played the tragedy amongst ice cream. Using its most entertaining pages, we will try to take a trip to the monumental works of this great genius of romance.