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      A discount* or promotional code (also appears as “promo code”) is a combination of letters and/or numbers that gives a discount on the normal rate. If you have a discount code, enter it when booking and you will receive a discount on your booking. Once you have entered this code, the prices shown in step 1 of the booking process will already include the relevant discount. 

      The discount does not apply to prices on extras and/or extra services, neither does it apply to prices on last available rooms. You can only apply one discount code per booking which will only be valid at the time of making your booking.** 

      The maximum amount of accumulated discount will be at most 25% off the rate for hotels in Latin America and at most 20% off the rate for European and Mediterranean hotels. It is possible to combine a discount code with a special discount*** (discounts when you book multiple rooms, senior, resident, millennials, large families, etc.) and the discount for being a my Barceló client. 

      *Barceló reserves the right to accept the application of advertised discounts. 

      **The application of the discount code is not valid upon arrival at the hotel; the discount is only applicable at the time of booking. 

      ***The hotel will request to see valid official documents to verify compliance with the conditions for the discount codes and special discounts. In the event of not providing valid official documents or non-compliance, the hotel reserves the right to charge the amounts that were deducted from the original reservation.

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      Our double guarantee:

      If you find a better rate outside, we’ll match it.

      The same applies even if you find a better rate on after placing your booking.

      We’ll also give you an additional discount of up to 10%. For more information