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It is one of the leading tourist destinations in the Caribbean thanks to its white sand beaches flanked by palm groves and crystalline turquoise sea.

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Idyllic beaches of white sand and cristal-clear water, spectacular waterfalls surrounded by exotic fauna and the option to take part in many water sports are a luxury that you shouldn’t forego.

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Palm Beach is one of the most popular destinations of the wonderful island of Aruba, one of the most beautiful and multicultural of all the Caribbean islands. Long line of idyllic coral and turquoise-water beaches, are waiting you.

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Cancun, an idyllic vacation destination, famous for its long beaches with fine white sand, swept across by the warm crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. Discover it!

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Turquoise waters, Latin rhythms in every corner, a place where time seems to have stood still, multi-coloured façades, classic cars, world famous cigars and the happiness and warmth of its people. All this is Cuba. Come and meet us.

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Hues of blue and green radiate from the dazzling Pacific waters as palm branches calmly hang over the chalky shoreline. A short distance away, mountains display a canvas of tree tops that are complete with rainforests and jungle waterfalls.

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Los Cabos is the perfect place for vacationers seeking friendly beach bars and high-energy thrills such as para-sailing and fly-boarding. Colonial architecture and family-friendly activities are the rule.

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A cosmopolitan city with a great cultural and artistic heritage, Madrid is one of the financial, economic and cultural centres of the Spain.

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The home of architectural modernism, Barcelona is a cosmopolitan and avant-garde city which has a large range of activities to entertain visitors.

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