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Asia Gardens Hotel &Thai Spa, absoluto relax en Alicante

The Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, a Royal Hideaway Hotel is an exclusive Asian paradise in the Mediterranean. A luxury establishment with a spa that is perfect for holidays with your partner or family. It’s located in the Sierra Cortina mountains in its own 370,000 m2 plantation populated by pine trees. Close to Altea and half an hour from Alicante airport, it has magnificent views of the Costa Blanca. It offers visitors the the chance to do excursions in an area filled with attractions, making it a wonderful tourist destination.  

A stay in this world of relaxation is ideal for anyone who feels the need for a break and an escape from busy city life. The Asia Gardens Hotel has been designed in an Asian architectural style. Its spaces inspire feelings of calm and an awakening of the senses, while the different outdoor pools and beautiful gardens delight its guests. In addition, the treatments that are available at the spa are a treat in any season of the year.  

The Asia Gardens wellness zone: one of the best spas in Alicante 

The wellness spa at the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, a Royal Hideaway Hotel has a special place among spa and wellness tourism options in Alicante. Everything in this corner of Alicante works together in harmony to ensure you enjoy a delightful and relaxing stay. The Thai Spa is just the place for leaving your busy lifestyle and worries at the door and handing yourself over to a world of sensations. If you believe that holidays are a time to search for spiritual and physical wellbeing, you’ve found the place for you. Oriental wisdom and ancestral techniques from Thailand (in turn originating in China and India) predominate here to help you obtain a balanced body and mind.  

As Asia Gardens explains, “traditional Thai massage is the greatest exponent of the philosophy of peace, tranquillity and harmony that is practised across Thailand.” The team of professionals at the Thai Spa in Asia Gardens trained at the legendary school of the Wat Pho Temple in Bangkok. Its mission is to bring back physical bio-balance and to free the body and spirit from tensions of every kind.  

Asia Gardens

Asia Gardens Spa is a “must-vist”

Magic, tradition, wisdom and fantasy work together in every treatment at the Thai Spa to offer guests unique experiences. That’s why this centre is now a favourite stop among wellness spaces in both Spain and Europe.  

Massages in Alicante: a wide range of treatments at the Thai Spa 

Traditional Thai massage (Nuad Thai) is the star treatment at the Thai Spa. The technique is over 2,500 years old and is a true anti-stress therapy that combines pressure and stretching. You can choose between a 60 minute or 1 hour 20 minute session. The massage combines a full sequence of yoga-based movements that make it very special and highly effective. 

But if you’d prefer another option, there is a wide range of massages to discover and enjoy in this space. These include the Balinese Nuad and the Lomi Lomi, which uses oils; the Abhyanga ayurvedic massage and Look Pra Khob Nam Mun (digital pressure and herbal compresses). The treatment list also features the Mao Thao foot massage and the Kong Thang, a special massage for pregnant women. 

In terms of beauty, the Thai Spa has a series of facial and body hydration treatments. Its wellness programmes are also deeply irresistable, and they combine different treatments such as massages, exfoliation, wraps and facial treatments during a specific length of time (from two days to a week). The Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, a Royal Hideaway Hotel, also has a terrace solarium and a relaxation area where herbal teas are available. And, naturally, there is also a full gymnasium and areas for doing meditation, yoga, tai chi and chi kung. 

A tour around the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, a Royal Hideaway Hotel 

The first thing that catches visitors’ eyes when they arrive at the Asia Gardens Thai Spa is the Thai architectural design and the hotel’s location. The hotel appears to emerge from the Sierra Cortina mountains. Surrounded by pine forests, it has magnificent views of the Costa Blanca. But the surprises don’t stop there and visitors continue to be amazed as they explore the facilities. The hotel has 309 spacious rooms that are decorated in the Balinese style using hardwoods, each with a different character. Its many attractions also include exotic gardens — the captivating Asia Gardens garden is a space for contemplation and rest and its huge variety of Asian species never fails to impress. Some of the most spectacular include the Pinus Pentaphylla, in bonsai form, which was brought over from Japan and is almost two hundred years old. Other important species include the Chorisia Speciosa (silk floss tree) and the Yuccas Elephantipes (spineless yucca) whose trunk is over 1.5 metres in diameter.  

Asia Gardens

Asia Gardens superb restaurante

As you stroll through this small botanical garden, you’ll also pass fruit trees, such as Ciruelo Mirobolano (cherry plum) and different orange and pomegranate trees. Visitors also enjoy the wonderful bamboo collection of over 40 varieties that grow to different sizes, with canes that are black, yellow and speckled green. There are 50 different species of palm trees, a large number of coconut trees and a carob tree that is over two centuries old. It doesn’t come from Asia, but the carob tree is a symbol of the centre; it was on the brink of dying when construction began on the hotel but two years after it had opened, the tree was totally integrated into its surroundings in a stunning setting bursting with plant life. 

Over 150,000 bushy plants were used to create the Asian garden and they provide a fantastic range of colours and scents all year round. An interesting fact is that the Asia Gardens hotel greenhouse produces over 20,000 seasonal flowering plants every year, including scarlet begonias in the summer months and yellow pansies in winter. Another important point to remember is that the hotel garden is entirely watered with recycled water. 

Pools and kids’ spaces in the Asia Gardens hotel: areas for fun 

The Asia Gardens pools are highly appreciated by guests at this five-star hotel. Every swimming zone has its own special features and the Asian-style adults-only Angkor Faces pool in the centre of the building is a particular highlight. To the west, the spectacular Zen pool can be used by the whole family.  

In turn, the Flowers pool is for the exclusive use of guests staying in Suites and Deluxe Suites. It’s located in the Thai Club zone, a more private zone further away from the main building with a large sunbed area. And finally the Thai Spa pool is for the exclusive use of spa customers. All the pool spaces are heated to 30ºC from October to May. 

Family fun is guaranteed at this luxury establishment by Barceló Hoteles. Children can make use of kids’ zones such as the Club Los Piratas, a play area where children between 4 and 12 years old can play and make friends around a pirate ship. There is also a Mini Club with activities for under-4s (children at the Mini Club must be accompanied by an adult). They’ll also love the themed evenings: India, pirates, white night, etc. 

Asia Gardens also has a Junior Club for children between 9 and 16 years old. Here they can take part in an extensive activities programme with fun classes including pilates, pop dance and modern dance. During the afternoon/evening they can have dinner with their friends and go to different themed parties. Nearby Altea and other towns, Terra Mítica and Terra Natura, are further attractions to be enjoyed during a holiday in this hotel. Golf-lovers can also head to neighbouring several golf courses. 

Restaurants at the Asia Gardens Hotel: a culinary delight 

Lovers of good food will also be thrilled by the Asia Gardens Hotel. Without leaving the hotel grounds, guests can enjoy several different types of cuisine. Anyone who fancies grilled meat or fish can head to The Island restaurant. If Italian food is preferable, then Lombocci is the place to go. And if some delicious sushi is in order, you can even visit the Champagne Bar, a gourmet space that specialises in the finest champagnes.  

Further choices includes Udaipur, which serves a delicious fusion of Mediterranean and international cuisine, Palapa, which has a range of Mediterranean dishes and views over the swimming pool area, the Zen Snack Bar and Bonasi. 

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