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Poniente Almería

The strategically advantageous location of the Poniente Almeriense has attracted settlers here in great numbers since prehistory. To trace its origins, we have to go as far back as the Neolithic period and the Bronze age, to the culture of Los Millares.

Traces of the Romans and Phoenicians are on show for all to see in Adra, one of the most important municipalities in the region and one of the oldest towns in Spain. It was founded in the 8th century BC, and you can learn about the first settles at the Cerro de Montecristo archaeological site. The Adra Wall, the Iglesia de la Inmaculada Concepción and the Guaínos Watchtower are some of its most famous monuments. Don’t miss the museum and the fantastic beaches, among them La Juana, La Sirena Loca and San Nicolás.

El Ejido is another place to add to your list. Nicknamed the ‘sea of plastic’ on account of the proliferation of greenhouses in the area, it has its own interesting story to tell. The Ciavieja archaeological zone holds the oldest artefacts in the municipality, from prehistorical remains through to beautiful Roman mosaics. The Castillo de Guardias Viejas is one of the best examples of defensive architecture in the area.

Last but not least, don’t leave without a visit to the Punta Entinas-Sabinar Nature Reserve. This nature reserve protects an ecosystem of dunes and marshes which provide habitat for flamingos and herons. This stunning wetland lies between El Ejido and Roquetas de Mar, another fantastic place in this region of Almería. It was founded by the Phoenicians on the Rivera de la Algaida, where today you can visit an archaeological site dating back to the end of the Bronze Age, El Argar culture and Muslim Spain. Head into the city to visit the Castillo de Santa Ana, built in the late 16th century to defend against pirates. The greatest attraction of course are the beaches. The most famous is Aguadulce, which is equipped with excellent facilities and disabled access. The virgin sands of Playa de Cerrillos in the Reserva de Punta Entinas-Sabinar are a popular nudist spot.

The village of Celín in the Dalías municipal area is a good base for hiking. The trails will take you through the beautiful landscapes of the Sierra de Gádor to the natural spring called the Arroyo de Celín.

Felix is one of the most picturesque locations. Its old town is packed with traditional white houses and it’s another great place for rural tourism. In Vícar, contemplate the impressive Carcauz Ravine complete with several Roman aqueducts and Arabic canals.

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