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2 Parks Ticket - Palmitos y Aqualand


Open throughout the day



English, German, Spanish


Every day, from 10.00 am until 6.00 pm (admission until 5.00 pm)

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  • Custom experience
  • Not suitable for people with reduced mobility
  • Recommended for: Children


An aviary bursting with colour, where you can see these beautiful birds in flight and get a close-up view of their habits. At Palmitos Park, you can enjoy watching this stunning bird with its long, brightly-coloured beak. Get a close look at our fascinating pelicans living alongside the much-loved storks on our lake.

The gardens

Here you can find the largest collection of orchids in the Canary Islands. Extensive gardens planted with numerous species of orchids, imported from tropical regions and from Australia. The largest garden in Europe. Hundreds of butterflies flying freely.


The Palmitos Park aquarium also has a area dedicated to freshwater species. The first section, dedicated to salt-water creatures, is home to a variety of sea life ranging from some of the most boldly-coloured poisonous fish (including the Surgeon Fish, and the Scorpion Fish) to some of the cutest small fish, such as the Clown Fish.


In our lake, the Spectacled Caiman and the Gran Canaria Giant Lizard (endemic to Gran Canaria) live harmoniously together. Visitors can see one of the swamps’ largest predators up close.


The South American Coati: a friendly, playful animal, easily recognised by its long snout. The Ualabísx is remarkable for its long, leaping strides, and carries its young in a pouch. Meerkats, constantly on the lookout for possible danger.

  • Adult (age 11 and above): €52.00
  • Children (5-10 years): €36.50
  • Mini (3-4 years): €16.50

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