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Adventure travel: Canyoning in the Verde River

Adventure travel is quickly gaining popularity and one of the top activities is canyoning. This adventure sport consists of descending along a riverbed or ravine, overcoming all the obstacles this entails, on foot or swimming. This out-of-the-ordinary activity is perfect for families, friends and couples.

Granada is home to the Verde River, which is a great spot for this sport thanks to the gorgeous landscapes and the course that is filled with pools, canyons and jumps into crystal-clear water. It is an amazing experience.

To truly enjoy this sport, nature in its wildest state is needed. Since water erodes rock, riverbeds have areas with steep walls, jumps and pools, making these areas perfect for canyoning. The geological materials that make up the river are factors that should also be taken into consideration because they shape the course, and the Verde River is the perfect setting for this sport.

Located along the border between Granada and Málaga, this is probably one of the best and most beautiful areas for this sport because it is a gorgeous section with several ravines and descents.

This further proves that the Granada province has endless possibilities. If you want beaches, then go to Costa Tropical; for tourism, visit Granada’s city centre to see all the monuments and charming streets; in the winter, head to Sierra Nevada for some skiing; and if you want to be immersed in nature, then the Verde River, with its hiking routes and adventure activities, is what you’re looking for.


Otívar is the municipality that houses this location. The town lies at the base of Sierra de Cázulas, inside the park. With its stunning landscapes, this area is great for adventure sports and hiking. During the hot summer months of July and August, visitors can cool off in the chilly water of the natural pools.

This is a fantastic outing in the Almuñécar region. After a sunny day on Costa Tropical’s beaches, set aside a day to visit Otívar and enjoy all the outdoor activities that are available in this part of Granada.

The town is also worth visiting. Its monuments include the Church of Our Lady of Conception and the Cázulas estate, and the historic quarter remains virtually intact, with very few modern buildings. This is a charming destination surrounded by spectacular nature.

Verde River 

Canyoning is the top activity in the Verde River. All the businesses specialising in this sport have expert instructors for all levels, so this is a great place for beginners as well as for experienced participants. Visitors are always accompanied by certified and experienced guides who are thoroughly familiar with the surroundings.

The best time of year for canyoning is between March and October, although some companies offer this service all year round if the weather conditions are suitable. Also, since this is a mountainous region, the water flows directly from the melting ice, so the summer months are best in order to withstand the low temperatures.

Businesses that arrange canyoning activities include all the necessary equipment in the rental: wetsuit, helmet, harness, etc. They also arrange transportation and aid vehicles if necessary, along with lunch and photos as souvenirs of your adventure. The price per person is about €45, but keep an eye out for group discounts or packages that include several activities in the surrounding area. Insurance is included in the price of every option since this is ultimately an extreme sport.

The duration may vary, but it is usually between three and five hours. It is recommended to take comfortable, water-resistant shoes in addition to a dry pair for the trip back.

Keep this activity in mind for an adrenaline-packed experience in an idyllic setting. The Verde River is the perfect place to try canyoning and enjoy a different type of day with friends and family. Step into the world of adventure travel thanks to everything the Verde River has to offer.

Information of interest

  • This area is located inside the park of the Tejeda, Almijarra and Alhama mountain ranges near Almuñécar. The only way to get here is by car. The park begins at kilometre 31 of the road that travels from Granada to Almuñécar, and there are car parks at this point.
  • Another popular alternative is to take one of the buses operated by the businesses that arrange activities in the area. Since this spot is not easy to reach, packages include round-trip transfers between the meeting point and the activity area. This is the best option if you plan on doing sports or canyoning in the Verde River.

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