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Llano de la Perdiz will be your next countryside outing

A great Sunday alternative is to visit the countryside. Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the city to clear your mind is always appealing. To do this near Granada, the best alternative is to visit Llano de la Perdiz and spend some time in nature.

This is a perfect activity for adults and kids alike thanks to the special recreational areas. Sports enthusiasts will also feel at home since this region is a popular spot for runners due to the large stretches of land.

The park is located inside the Generalife’s Dehesa estate, a suburban expanse in Granada’s historic district with stunning views of the Alhambra from the Silla del Moro lookout. This vast area of vegetation contains species such as holm oaks, pine trees and aromatic brushwood that are typical of a Mediterranean climate.

The animals in this space also deserve a special mention, particularly the migratory bird species that stop here, thereby making it an ideal spot for birdwatching.

Located at an elevation of 1,013 metres, the temperature here is cooler than in the city, so it is great for Sundays in the summer. The views at this elevation are stunning, with Granada’s mountain ranges on one side and the city with the Alhambra on the other.

Activities in Llano de la Perdiz 

Many sports and leisure activities are available in this suburban space. The recreational area is filled with vegetation so visitors can learn about the local species first hand. As a result, a botanical outing to discover the plants around the Alhambra is a great alternative for kids and nature enthusiasts.

The same applies to birds because this is a popular spot for migratory species and birdwatching, and ornithologists can regularly be seen in the area. In summary, Llano de la Perdiz is fantastic for studying these species.

An interesting fact: every 7th of July, the famous Alerta Ovni UFO group meets here. Ufologists from all over the country and the world come together at this location to catch sight of objects and hold their conferences.

A great stop worth visiting along the way is the sundial that is tucked away in one of the hills surrounding the Alhambra.

Llano de la Perdiz has a marked sports circuit that is particularly popular with runners and cyclists. The possibility of doing outdoor sports surrounded by nature near the city is one of the biggest appeals of this park. Taking advantage of the park’s firebreak, eight workout stations for all ages have been installed.

Llano de la Perdiz is also popular with hikers. There are several easy routes from the city centre that are suitable for anyone. With a three-hour duration, this is a great way to get started in this type of activity.

It is perfect for kids because there are special recreational areas, a football pitch, playgrounds, a picnic area and a vast expanse of pine trees and holm oaks in which their imagination can run wild. This is a great way for children to enjoy a different type of day.

Llano de la Perdiz is a popular spot for barbecues, and although they are not permitted during certain months of the year because the weather conditions may cause forest fires, locals enjoy coming here between 16 October and 30 May to use the special outdoor facilities for barbecues.

Choose Llano de la Perdiz for the perfect Sunday outing.

Information of interest

  • Since it is very close to the city, there are several ways to get here. Firstly, visitors can arrive on foot if their plan for the day is to walk to Llano de la Perdiz. There are several routes from Plaza Nueva and Sacromonte to this suburban park.
  • The most convenient alternative is by car, and luckily there are various places to park and then continue the journey on foot. The most popular route is Camino Nuevo del Cementerio across the entire Generalife Dehesa estate.
  • There are also certain bus lines to this spot, including the C7 from Palacio de Congresos, the C32 from Plaza Nueva and the C35 from Calle Pavaneras.
  • Finally, since this is a great place for cycling, another way to get here is on two wheels.

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