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Discover everything that Cubillas Reservoir has to offer

Granada has beaches, history, food and nature, and the latter is reflected in places such as Cubillas Reservoir. Located between the Colomera, Elvira and Arana mountain ranges, this body of water is fed primarily by the Cubillas River, to which it owes its name.

The wealth of the flora in this region is astounding and gives it a unique appearance that nature lovers adore. However, what makes this area even more special is the fauna, and thanks to the local micro-climate, this is a perfect stop for migratory birds as they pass through. As a result, this is a great spot to see birds such as the great cormorant, the common chaffinch and the hoopoe. Fish are also a key element, and due to the strong currents and sediment in the water, barbels and carps can regularly be seen.

The peculiar history of the Cubillas Reservoir

There is an interesting history behind this reservoir. Following the earthquake that devastated Albolote in the 1950s, this reservoir was created to supply irrigation water to Granada’s Vega Alta region.

Its construction was a tricky endeavour, and after several lawsuits, it was determined that the dam would be placed below and the water channel above, completely reversed. The dam is usually built in front of the channel so as to retain the water that is lost in the winter.

Cubillas Reservoir was one of the most important engineering projects carried out during this era due to the inconvenience of building it backwards. 250 people were needed and its construction was completed in 1963.

Activities at Cubillas Reservoir

The area around the reservoir features an activities centre that invites visitors to enjoy a different kind of day with friends and family. The reservoir is the perfect place for multi-adventure sports arranged by private companies and the University of Granada, which has a nautical campus here.

These activities are suitable for everyone and a great way to have fun in a group. Examples include archery, stand up paddle boarding, abseiling and canoeing, and prices are usually €30 per person. The company that arranges the activity provides the necessary equipment along with trained instructors.

As far as the university, it offers activities for students and for nature lovers in general, such as kayaking, dinghy sailing, catamaran outings and windsurfing, in addition to an adventure area equipped with a climbing wall, zip-line and tennis/padel courts. This fantastic activity centre is perfectly integrated with nature.

Another popular activity is camping. Adventurous types spend the night in a caravan or in one of the cabins at the camp site. Nearby services include a supermarket, bar-restaurant, free pool for camp site guests and more. This is a great way to spend a different kind of weekend.

Cubillas Reservoir has an interesting feature: it is one of the five inland spots in the Granada province where swimming is permitted. According to the health rating for swimming, this is one of the best places to take a dip since the water is certified to be of ‘very good’ quality.

If you have decided to spend a day at the reservoir, there are a number of lunch alternatives. The first and simplest is to bring your own meal for a picnic in nature, which is very popular. Another option is to dine at one of the restaurants near the reservoir for the perfect ending to a multi-adventure morning.

The most popular is Romero Restaurant, which is located by the reservoir. The menu features fusion creations that combine traditional local dishes with vanguard cuisine.

Another option is Los Cortijos Restaurant in Atarfe, which is famous for its traditional Andalusian food such as broad beans with ham and kid goat with garlic.

This reservoir is a place that should be kept in mind for adventures and nature. Aside from being stunningly beautiful, it is perfect for trying something different with all the activities that are available. An adventurous getaway? Spend the day at Cubillas Reservoir.

Information of interest

  • Located in Sierra de Elvira, Cubillas Reservoir is easily accessible. The first option is to go by car along the A-44 towards Jaén and getting off at exit 116. Once there, you can park on the street or leave your vehicle in a car park.
  • The 117 bus line from Granada also has a direct route to the reservoir. The first bus leaves the city at 8:00 AM and the last bus returns to Granada at 10:15 PM.
  • Another great way to reach Cubillas Reservoir is to cycle there for a lovely lunch.

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