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The best alternatives for a stag or hen do in Granada

Hen and stag parties have become a recurrent activity in Granada. The origin of these types of events dates back to the Roman Empire, when Spartan soldiers would throw a party for the groom to test his loyalty towards his future wife. This involved hiring a woman who would try to seduce him as part of a show.

Traditionally, this activity has been arranged separately and with participants of the same sex; in other words, the groom and bride are each accompanied by their own friends. For many years, it consisted of going out on the town and winding up at a strip club, although it has evolved into different alternatives.

Mixed gender stag and hen dos have become extremely popular, making it possible for the friends (of both sexes) of the bride and groom to attend and have a great time together.

The plans have also shifted into different types of activities outside of the nightlife scene. Adventure-themed stag and hen dos, or those centred around tourism and relaxing activities such as spas, are now in style. One thing that remains the same is that they usually conclude with some partying.

Adventure-themed hen/stag dos 

The aim of any hen or stag do is to organise the ultimate party with friends before the wedding. Our loved ones deserve a great tribute, and what could be better than taking them on an adventure? Weddings are formal events, so why not rebel a bit before the big day?

Take them go-kart racing! The city’s go-kart track is the perfect place for the future groom or bride to have fun with friends. There is a special package for the occasion that includes: an initial practice session before the big race; a qualifying session to establish the grid order, just like in Formula 1; and a timed race where there can only be one winner. An extra incentive is that whoever finishes last must pay for lunch, so if everyone goes against the bride or groom, they won’t stand a chance!

This next activity is only for daring people. If this describes you, then be sure to take the future couple bungee jumping. They have already taken the big step and it is time for them to prove it by taking the leap. This is one of the most-requested activities for stag and hen parties in Granada.

No fear, right? The best alternative for a different kind of stag do is to go canyoning. Granada boasts idyllic spots for this type of activity, such as the Verde River. This is one of the most original options that will give you an adrenaline rush. There are many companies that specialise in canyoning and participants can choose their adventure level (beginner, intermediate or advanced). Packages include transfers to and from the river, lunch at a nearby restaurant and all the gear.

Relaxing hen/stag dos 

To help the bride and groom relax before the wedding, Granada also has laid back activities for a stag or hen do.

If this sounds like the perfect plan, then Arab baths are the ideal spot. Enjoy an afternoon of relaxation and harmony in a magical place that can be hired for a private event. Relax in the hydrotherapy circuit, bask in a spa session or book a group massage, all with a welcome snack and a glass of cava.

A simple plan can consist of going out for beers, but since this is a stag do, it’s important to go all out. Which is why renting a Beer Bike is a great idea. There is a company in Granada that rents a bike equipped with a bar and beer for up to 19 people. The service also includes a driver who will make sure there are enough food and drinks for everyone. This is the perfect way to visit the city’s most emblematic spots on a different mode of transportation.

Another option is to organise a beauty party for some pampering before the wedding. Granada has this service and it can be arranged at the salon or in a hotel room. Beauty advisors will bring all the necessary materials so participants can relax and have a good time.

Night-time alternatives for hen/stag dos 

For evening alternatives, it’s best to turn to El Cortijo de los Solteros, an industry leader that is also authorised by the Autonomous Government of Andalusia. Although the company has activity packages, they are best known for their nightlife alternatives.

Customers can rent a limousine that will take them to the best nightclubs in the city and pick them up once the evening comes to an end. There is also the option of hiring a show featuring a male or female stripper.

Último Pecado is another company in Granada that is famous for hen and stag dos. In addition to admission to a nightclub, dinner beforehand can also be arranged for guests.

A complete package with one of these companies usually includes dinner with entertainment, in which the groom’s meal is covered and the fun tends to be in the form of a drag queen show. Transportation to the nightclub along with admission and access to the VIP area are also included, and there is usually an option for a private show.

So if a wedding is on the horizon, Granada is the perfect destination for the hen or stag do. An unforgettable weekend is guaranteed!

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