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Granada in 2 days

Granada is endless in the sense that there is always something new to see, but two days can be enough to explore the city from top to bottom and discover the great treasures of the city of ancient Nasrid rulers. This special 48-hour route includes the Moorish legacy of Albaicín, the Jewish quarter of Realejo, the statue of Federico García Lorca at his former summer home, homemade food served at an old convent and the night-time magic of the Alhambra.

Relax, grab a map and keep your eyes wide open, because like a poet once said, ‘There is nothing sadder in life than being blind in Granada’.

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Itinerary day 1


El Bañuelo

There is no better way to start the day than by visiting this 11th century hammam on the lovely Carrera del Darro. It is the oldest in Granada and one of the 21 Arab baths that at one point existed in Moorish Granada.


El Albaicín

Travel back in time to Granada's 11th century origin by exploring the carmen villas, old water tanks and steep streets filled with legends of this Moorish neighbourhood, making your way to the cheerful Plaza Larga.


Mirador de San Nicolás lookout

This stunning overlook at the top of Albaicín invites visitors to take in views of the Alhambra with Sierra Nevada as the backdrop and flamenco music played by buskers as the soundtrack.


Bodegas Castañeda

Located next to Puerta de Elvira, the original gate to the old Moorish city, this 19th century tavern serves the best local cuisine.


Cathedral and Royal Chapel

This gorgeous Renaissance temple and the crypt where the Royal Monarchs have been laid to rest were built on the former site of the Great Mosque as symbols of Christian power following the city's conquest in 1492.


Tourist train to the Alhambra

This fun mode of transportation is a great way to reach the Alhambra while resting our feet and enjoying Granada from a different perspective.


La Alhambra (night-time visit)

Once the sun goes down, the walls, gardens, courtyards and halls of the Nasrid fortress are filled with backlit images that transform this route into a magical experience worthy of a tale from One Thousand and One Nights.

Itinerary day 2


Huerta de San Vicente

In the heart of Federico García Lorca Park, time stands still at 1936 inside the family's former summer home, where the poet wrote his best works before being assassinated.


Corral del Carbón

As the only old Arab grain exchange that remains fully intact in Spain, this gorgeous 14th century building has gone from being used as a grain warehouse to the stage for concerts and plays.


Restaurant at the Convent of the Military Order of Saint James

Only locals are aware of the fantastic homemade food served at this restaurant that is run by cloister nuns who only takes reservations for large groups.


El Realejo

A stroll through the old Jewish quarter—where the Sephardi Jews lived well before the Moorish conquest—will take us to places bursting with charm and history, such as Casa de los Tiros and the Church of Santo Domingo.


Carmen de los Mártires

The upper part of Realejo is home to this 19th century estate and romantic garden built on the former site of a monastery where San Juan de la Cruz wrote his works.

20.30- 22.00

Tapas at Campo del Príncipe

This emblematic square in Realejo is a popular spot with some of the best tapas bars. Oh, and be sure to make a wish to the renowned Cristo de los Favores (Christ of Favours). Perhaps ask to visit Granada again?

Day 1 Day 2