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Lanzarote as a couple: discover the best things to do for two

The option of enjoying a few days on the beach in a unique natural setting makes many choose Lanzarote as a holiday destination. It’s no wonder, as the island boasts great tourist attractions and an extraordinary landscape carved out by volcanic eruptions.

If you’re still thinking about visiting Lanzarote as a couple, take a look at our recommendations below, but bear in mind that they’re not all sugar-coated suggestions; instead we have compiled options that are suitable for all tastes and, of course, all couples.

The best romantic things to do in Lanzarote

A visit to La Graciosa island. We’re well aware that we promised ideas for enjoying Lanzarote as a couple and then the first thing we go and do is suggest you leave the island. However, La Graciosa, considered the eighth Canary Island, is a perfect place for finding that much longed-for peace and quiet that we don’t get in our everyday lives. You can also swim and sunbathe on some of the most deserted beaches in the region. To get there, head to the port of Órzola—in the north of Lanzarote—and from there take a boat. After around half an hour of sailing you’ll arrive at the fishing village of Caleta de Sebo, where you can rent a bicycle and explore the most beautiful places in La Graciosa, such as Las Conchas beach in the north, or Montaña Amarilla beach in the south. The magic of this island is that you can explore areas with hardly any people (there are no tarmac roads). What’s more, we recommend looking out towards its surrounding landscape, gazing at neighbouring islets, such as Alegranza and Montaña Clara, which make up the Chinijo Archipelago Natural Park together with La Graciosa.

Beaches where you can forget all your troubles:

  • Los Caletones. Just 10 minutes away from Órzola by car, between the aforementioned town and Punta Mujeres, is Los Caletones, a group of small coves replete with volcanic rocks that jut out of the white sand and the sea like small mounds.
  • Papagayo beach. On the other side of the island in the south is Papagayo beach, a wonderful option for couples looking to unwind. This virgin beach is set within the Los Ajaches National Park and, as such, an absence of buildings in its surrounding area means it has less visitors and you can therefore swim in peace in the Atlantic waters.

Who said you couldn’t play sport as a couple? In actual fact, doing sport with your partner is healthy and increasingly more common. However, as we’re on holiday and in a place as captivating as Lanzarote, perhaps it’s time to put away your running shoes and your racket for a few days and try your hand at something a bit more unusual:

  • Surfing or kitesurfing on Famara beach. Thanks to its waves, this beach is a favourite of surfers and kitesurfers alike. What’s more, you can relax afterwards with a lovely stroll along its 6-km beach between the sea and the magnificent silhouette of the Famara cliffs. If you so wish you can round it all off with lunch at the restaurant El Risco, where you can recharge your batteries while sampling their fresh fish, paella or traditional Canarian potatoes in a green salsa.
  • Hiking in the Caldera Blanca. This 10-km route is perfect for couples who want to explore the island’s volcanic landscape, as it takes you to the summit of Lanzarote’s largest and deepest crater. Along a path flanked by a sea of lava on both sides, this pleasant walk provides spectacular panoramic views from the top of the Caldera Blanca.
  • Scuba diving at the Museo Atlántico. This museum, created by the British artist Jason deCaires Taylor, is formed of a series of sculptures submerged under the sea at a depth of 10 m. Couples who like to dive will no doubt be fascinated by this unique blend of art and water sports. What’s more, this unusual underwater museum addresses the environmental discourse that is at the core of all of the artist’s work. If you’d like to know more, check out our post on the Museo Atlántico.

Two options for a romantic dinner for two:

  • Los Jameos del Agua (Calle de Jameos del Agua). Both this and the following restaurant are built into famous works by Lanzarote’s most celebrated artist, César Manrique. The former is found in the heart of Los Jameos del Agua, a cave formed by the eruption of the Corona Volcano. In addition to taking in the sensational backdrop, you can sample delicious dishes such as grilled octopus with a green salsa or rabbit in a thick tomato sauce cooked over a low heat.
  • Balagué (Calle de los Loros, 2). The restaurant Balagué is set within Lagomar, what was once the home of the Egyptian actor Omar Sharif for a short period of time. At present, Lagomar houses an art gallery, a bar and a restaurant. The beauty of this natural and architectural wonder—it is located within a volcanic rock quarry—means dining either on the terrace or in the indoor dining room will be a night to remember. Furthermore, its food is made using local produce, a good example of which is the salad made with soft Teguise cheese, or ravioli made from local pineapple, one of its most original desserts.

If you have a taste for more, you can always have a coffee at the Mirador del Río or observe the force of the Atlantic at one of the most incredible places on the island: Los Hervideros.

Believe us when we say it, visiting Lanzarote as a couple is an experience you won’t forget!

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