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Florida Retiro Dinner Show


3 hours



English, Spanish


We open the door at 9:00pm

Time of year

Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter

More info

  • Custom experience
  • Suitable for people with reduced mobility
  • Recommended for: Children, Couples, Groups, Solo travellers

What the experience includes

In honor of the fun experienced in Madrid, its diversity and its festive spirit, Florida Retiro proposes every weekend ‘Temptation. Celebrating Madrid’: a great celebration in which the Fallen Angel makes dance, sing, toast and enjoy all those who wish to immerse themselves in the best Madrid party, without forgetting the gastronomic feast in charge of the chef Iván Cerdeño.

Everything you need to know

From all corners of the world, the Fallen Angel chose Madrid, and specifically El Retiro Park. This is why this iconic figure has its statue in the capital’s emblematic park, probably because it is the most fun city on the planet and because it houses the dean’s party and show room, Florida Retiro, in its heart.

Cena Florida Retiro Show Cena Florida Retiro Show

In honor of the fun experienced in Madrid, its diversity and its festive spirit, Florida Retiro offers every weekend ‘Temptation. Celebrating Madrid’: a great celebration in which, for around three hours, the Fallen Angel makes people dance, sing, toast and enjoy the best Madrid party, not to mention the gastronomic feast led by chef Iván Cerdeño, Gastronomic Director of Florida Retiro and awarded a Michelin star for his project at El Carmen de Montesión.

We propose a magical and ideal night for couples, anniversaries, celebrations of all kinds. Birthdays. Group dinners, in a complete gastronomic and sensorial experience.

For the fourth consecutive year, our dinner show makes the soul of La Sala de Florida Retiro vibrate every Friday and Saturday night.

An international and cosmopolitan show, with live music performed by the best voices, amazing first level acrobatics, humor, and the audience as the main protagonist.

From the hand of the master of ceremonies Alicia Lobo, who gives life to the most daring Fallen Angel in history, the fun is guaranteed between exclusive aerial numbers and great musical hits of all times performed by Susan Martin, Irene Alman and Sergio Wolbers.

This is how this great experiential bet, ‘Temptation. Celebrating Madrid’, invites viewers to put all their senses on alert to travel from Florida to heaven… passing through the funniest hell!

Interest information

Recommendations (ex: wear comfortable shoes, camera…):

  • In Florida Retiro the night is dressed for a party, therefore, we recommend to come elegant. We appreciate a fresh and fun style. We remind you that it is not allowed to enter with shorts, flip-flops or a cap.
  • Children under 18 must be accompanied by their legal guardian and leave the room before 00:00h.


  • SHOW + TABLE: €35

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