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Majorca, a singles paradise

Compared with Majorca’s tourist resorts, the island’s interior has resisted as a way of appealing to discreet leisure, which is ideal for travellers who enjoy being with others and on their own. The activities for singles are affordable for everyone; they can include a visit to a prehistoric necropolis overlooking the sea, a one-day pilgrim to a mystical monastery, a thrilling dry canyoning experience or interspersed visits to cultural centres in remote parts of the island. Such plans evoke epic adventures which were typical in the past and all you need is an appetite for the unknown. Are you convinced?

Talaiotic culture beside the beach

In the heart of the Bay of Alcudia, midway on the road that connects the coastal towns of Can Picafort and Artà, solo travellers will find Finca Pública de Son Real: a Balearic archaeological treasure whose extensive natural and cultural offering promises visitors with large doses of fun and a great learning experience. It was acquired by the Balearic government in 2002 and this monumental estate beside the beach is now open to the general public and reveals evidence of human settlements, dating as far back as over 4,500 years ago.

The area’s main attraction is the Son Real Necropolis, a group of dolmens and burial caves, so that the final part of your visit is a lovely tour through dunes and savin junipers. The tour also includes a spectacular visitors’ centre and archaeological museum, former Majorcan residences (possessions), disused sand quarries and 16th century watchtowers.

And, once you get to the Son Real virgin beach, which is mostly rocky and very calm, it is time to get your strength back by going for a refreshing swim. The beach has so few visitors that, even in the peak season, part of it has become a nudist area over the years. Which part? Specifically, from Islote des Porros, a rocky islet very close to the shore. By the way, we recommend diving in the surrounding area because of its interesting underwater flora and fauna.

A mystical day at the Santa María de Lluc Sanctuary

Pilgrims have always been associated with solo and avid travellers, whose strong desire to reach a holy place drives them to travel near impossible distances. The Santa María de Lluc Sanctuary, located in the heart of the Tramuntana mountain range, is one of those places full of mysticism which have attracted tens of thousands of people without distinction over hundreds of years. Even nowadays, on the first Saturday of August, 50,000 people take part in the Marxa des Güell a Lluc, a legendary pilgrimage route in Majorca which starts in Palma and covers nearly 50 kilometres of cobbled paving and a mountain before reaching Lluc.

That route can, of course, be taken anytime during the year but, if you do not have time, are not in physical form or are not willing to do this for whatever reason, the monastery and its surrounding area can be accessed by car (Escorca is the nearest town) or by bus (line 330 from the centre of Palma).

Once there, the 17th century Renaissance monastery will provide you with a true oasis of peace and nature. However, its best kept secret is inside: the Moreneta, a small virgin sculpted in black rock discovered by a shepherd and a priest in a nearby torrent explains the subsequent pilgrimage to the area. You can also start numerous hiking routes in the surrounding area, go inside caves such as Ses Cometes des Morts, walk around the Lluc Botanical Garden or visit the sanctuary’s museum. In short, you can live a wonderful experience, regardless of how spiritual you currently are.

An Indiana Jones route along the Pareis torrent

The Pareis torrent route starts precisely in Escorca, on the opposite direction to the monastery. It is a three-kilometre-long canyon whose vertical walls with a height of up to 200 metres lead to the beautiful Sa Calobra cove. Declared a Natural Monument in 2003, this natural descent towards the sea is considered to be one of the best summer routes in Majorca. We emphasise ‘summer’ because, since the route goes through a river, it is better to descend it when the riverbed is dry.

During the route, you will see caves (Cova des Soldat Pelut and Cova des Romegueral are just two of the most curious ones), technical paths and small backwaters, all of this combined with superb views of the unspoilt part of the Tramuntana mountain range.

After around five hours, hikers should start seeing the river mouth, i.e. the beautiful Sa Calobra cove, with its pebbles and idyllic image surrounded by two large cliffs. In any case, since it is only a one-way route, remember that you can only return by bus (the last one is at 15.00), taxi or car.

Art galleries and refreshment stands in the uncrowded parts of Majorca

By now, you will realise that our plans for singles focus on the island’s interior, i.e. the hidden parts between the mountains and valleys, far from the tourist hotspots. Nevertheless, a rural holiday is not incompatible with activities which are ‘more or less cosmopolitan’ such as going to a bar, concert or art gallery. At the turn of the 21st century, many remote parts of Majorca saw how disused old buildings came alive in the form of cultural centres and gastrobars, making rural life a valuable asset.

Fàbrica Ramis in the town of Inca is a good example of this revitalisation phenomenon. It was a factory occupied by leather craftsmen for over one hundred years and is now a private cultural centre, where music concerts mix with theatre events, art workshops and co-working areas. And we must not forget its restaurant, which offers visitors affordable menus from the chef Marcel Ress so that they can taste truly Majorcan dishes.

The same occurs in Santanyí, a charming town in south-east Majorca where an International Music Festival is held every year between April and September. This classical musical festival enables visitors to enjoy Majorca with a different background sound. Moreover, since Santanyí is a paradise for artists, the festival coexists with a multitude of art galleries hidden in narrow alleyways.

And, to finish off, what about music and beach at night in the small coastal town of Ses Covetes? This small paradise full of pine trees and dunes in south-east Majorca has the S´Embat bar, with hippie-inspired decorations and which holds many concerts every week. Also, the Es Trenc beach resounds all night long as a never-ending invitation to a night swim.

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