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The Palma Aquarium, a unique immersive experience

Combining tourism and environmental education is always a great idea. So, we recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity that the Palma Aquarium offers you to get to know the marine world, up-close. In Majorca’s immense aquarium, habitats and ecosystems from around the world are reproduced in 55 saltwater aquariums containing over 8,000 specimens of 700 distinct species. The Mediterranean Sea and the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans are all represented in this great leisure spot of Majorca.

Since 2007, the Palma beach has hosted this large aquarium containing over 5 million litres of salt water, submerging its visitors into faraway seas. It offers a large collection of living coral with over 300 species and even a jellyfish tank. One of the most interesting moments is when the caretakers feed the marine species and offer visitors some interesting facts, such as why sharks don’t eat every day or why small fish are fed before other fish. Check the schedules of these encounters with the Aquarium guides upon arrival, so that you can plan your visit through the seas and oceans of the world without leaving Palma.

The Majorca Aquarium, a journey across the worlds’ oceans and marine fauna

The Mediterranean Sea is home to some of the planet’s most varied marine fauna. In the 25 aquariums making up this journey, you can spot groupers, rays, starfish, octopus, moray eels and seahorses, among the many other species that live amongst the coral and anemones. Here, you will find the Toca Toca space, a tank where you can see the spectacular rays swim, along with many other fish, up-close.

Don’t get lost in the Tropical area of the Palma Aquarium, where a large and colourful coral colony is the habitat for such bright varieties as the clown fish, immediately recognised by our youngest visitors thanks to Finding Nemo. Most of the coral varieties that you will see in the more than 25 aquariums that make up this area were born and have grown up in these facilities. Here, you can find goldfish, surgeon fish, puffer fish and blacktip sharks.

Giants of the Ocean

Visitors of the Palma Aquarium can take part in a unique experience that was previously only available in the Maui aquarium (Hawaii). The Aquadome offers you the chance to get up-close to the humpback whales, the largest mammals of the Earth, inside a state-of-the-art 250-square-metre dome. It is a 360-degree immersion experience, taking place in a six-metre-high vault that is filled with music, signs and information on the behavioural habits of these whales. The goal of this interactive space is to educate visitors about the many environmental problems affecting the sea.

The Aquarium’s jungle and sharks

Another area that is sure to catch your attention is the Jungle, where the sounds of a 7-metre-high waterfall will surprise you upon entering. In this large garden you will find Amazonian piranhas and centenarian alligator snapping turtles that hide under the lush vegetation.

Eerie sharks are the highlight of two activities in the Palma Aquarium. Firstly, you can watch them from the Shark Vision Boat, a boat with a transparent base allowing you to sail amongst these respected animals. And for our more daring visitors, it is possible to dive with the sharks, immersing in the Big Blue to a depth of 9-metres, along with an instructor. It is one of the deepest shark tanks in all of Europe. The prize for this daring act is the chance to swim with eleven sharks that co-exist with other species such as rays, amberjacks and breams.

Our youngest of visitors will also enjoy the Palma Aquarium

The Palma Aquarium offers the smallest visitors an outdoors play space that includes a pirate’s ship, bouncy castles and a fountain of jet streams. In these gardens, which span over 12,000m2, visitors may also find sea turtles on the Caribbean beach and can even dive with rays.  Upon arrival, the park’s mascots will greet the youngsters, welcoming them to a day of emotions, filled with dances and games in the square, face painting and balloon wars on the pirate ship. And in the shallowest part of the aquarium, children over the age of three can snorkel during the summer months and swim alongside the rays. Inside, the Nautilus Park contains a large ball pool with a volcano in the middle for climbing. Fun is guaranteed.

And if you are still up for more, you can always reserve a night with the sharks. On Fridays and Saturdays, the Palma Aquarium offers you the chance to sleep with the sharks, an activity perfect for families or groups of friends.

Information of interest

Opening times

  • From 1 November to 31 March: From Mondays to Fridays 10.00 to 15.30. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 9.30 to 17.30.
  • From 1 April to 31 October: Every day from 9.30 to 18.30.

How to arrive

  • By car: Motorway Ma-19, exit 10. Free parking next to the ticket offices.
  • By bus: Lines 15, 23, 25, TIB 520.


  • Check the official website of the Palma Aquarium for updated prices.
  • Aquadome and Shark Vision Boat. Reserve when entering the park. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Not suitable for children under the age of 4.
  • Diving with the sharks. Must have diving insurance which can be processed in the aquarium. Medical diving license required.
    • Duration: between one and a half and two hours.
    • Includes: diving materials and entry for two to the Palma Aquarium.
  • Shark sleepover. Prior reservation is necessary.
    • Opening times: 19.30 to 11.00. Includes dinner. Minimum of 15 visitors.
    • Requires a sleeping bag, pyjamas, toiletries and socks for the Nautilus Park.

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