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Puerto de Portals, the marina of the celebrities

Situated in the municipality of Calviá, on the southwest side of the island of Majorca, the coastal town of Portals Nous hosts what is considered to be the most prestigious marina of the Mediterranean. Its name is Puerto Portals, and this renowned marina and leisure complex emerged in the early 1980s in an era when Majorca was beginning to experience sharp urban growth linked to its unstoppable international tourism.

At only ten kilometres from the centre of Palma — and sixteen from the Balearic airport — , its modest size is sufficient to accommodate the most extravagant of yachts owned by royalty and international jet setters. And although it may sound unusual, anyone who knows anything about this area will agree that in Puerto Portals, one of the most popular pastimes is observing or being observed. The port offers exclusive hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants and luxury shops, as well as two beaches, a cove and a series of docks with up to 670 mooring points. Below, we present a bit of the port’s history and a brief description of some potential leisure activities offered year round.

A brief history of Puerto Portals

Calviá, without a doubt, is one of the island’s largest tourist municipalities, as revealed by the 2011 census in which, of its 52,000 residents, 18,000 were foreigners. This is because, during the second half of the 20th century, permissive urbanistic law, together with an unrivalled Mediterranean location, placed Majorca in the spotlight of numerous investors — mainly Germans —, having a great interest in the real estate business.

Today, the results of this construction boom are select leisure places located on the beachfront. Together with Portals Nous, the towns of Palma Nova and Santa Ponça, to name a few, host some of the most luxurious Majorcan sun and beach tourism.

For this reason, in this part of the island, you are unlikely to spot ancient monuments or historic castles. To the contrary, here, one of the most popular tourist attractions is the collection of famous faces that enjoy the calm and privacy of Puerto Portals. Brad Pitt, Michael Douglas, Claudia Schiffer, Bill Gates or Jim Carrey are just some of the famous faces that could be spotted strolling down the docks during the last few years.

Portal Nous in a glance

Since Puerto Portals was granted the title of marina in 1981, little has changed in the area. Portal Nous continues to be located less than fifteen minutes away by foot, supporting the port in terms of lodging and restaurant offerings. This town hosts numerous beauty salons and barber shops, fashion boutiques and jewellery shops, coffee shops and restaurants, nautical companies and, of course, real estate agencies that offer visitors the chance to acquire a home in the heart of this Balearic paradise.

And once in Puerto Portals, it is possible to find these same types of spots, but at a more exclusive level. Because here, all of these establishments boast the white and blue stamp of the marina in which over 600 moorings harbour yachts and sailboats of unquestionable beauty. There are also two beaches — Oratorio de Portals and D’en Blanes — , extending over 220 and 50 metres in length, respectively; as well as a sheltered cove, known as Bendinat, in which a sandy area surrounded by a pine grove allows visitors to enjoy Portal Nous in a more private and intimate way.

Now, if to all of this we are to add 300 days of sun per year and an average temperature of twenty-seven degrees in the summer and fourteen degrees in the winter, it is easy to see why Portal Nous has gained international fame.

Restaurants in Puerto Portals

It is precisely this international renown that has contributed to the growth of the restaurant industry in Puerto Portals. For years now, Tahini, for example, has offered the best sushi of the area, in a refined atmosphere that is suited to the elegance with which its dishes are served. The tuna tartar, mixed sashimi and California rolls are standout dishes on a menu that costs an average of 30-40 Euros per dish.

Also in the midst of Puerto Portals we find Wellies, another well-known spot, specialising in hamburgers, but also boasting a select menu including the likes of salmorejo cordobés and sea bass baked in salt.

Then we have Baiben restaurant, created by 2 Michelin star-holding chef, Fernando Pérez Arellano. With a Mediterranean essence, this restaurant offers matured meats, grilled fish and rice dishes with hints of other international cuisines, including Latin-American and Asian flavours.

Other sources of entertainment in Puerto

And finally, we must mention some of the leisure-sporting activities that can be found in the Puerto Portals area. For example, there is Marineland dolphinarium, in the heart of Portal Nous, whose biggest attractions are the daily dolphin and seal shows.

We cannot overlook the Puerto Portals Farmer’s Market, whose third edition in 2019 started to consolidate this event, which supports local products. With over twenty merchandisers, the market can be found every Sunday of the month of May from 10.00 to 16.00, on the port’s boulevard.

And of course, the Puerto Portals Sailing School offers youth and adults a series of aquatic activities that are in line with the marine environment. From sailing and paddle surf classes to windsurf and kayak instruction, fun is guaranteed.

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How to arrive (from Palma)

  • By car: from the Palma highway to Andrach, Ma-1C, taking exit number 10 towards Costa d'en Blanes or Portals Nous.
  • By bus: take the line 104, boarding at the cathedral stop (in Palma) and getting off at the Plaça Alcàsser stop (in Portal Nous). Duration: 35 minutes.

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