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Son Amar, dinner and a show at a 16th century estate

Located at kilometre 10.8 of the road from Palma to Sóller, Son Amar is a large estate with a magnificent 16th century manor house where you can have dinner and enjoy a good show. It is said that it is the Las Vegas of the Balearic Islands, but Son Amar is much more than that. It is a fundamentally artistic project of humble origins that with time has become a great entertainment centre. And all thanks to the hard work of its new owners.

In Son Amar there are seven perfectly defined spaces and each one has its own identity and atmosphere, so it can be adapted to different functions. The Great Hall is actually a magnificent theatre with a large capacity where international shows are put on. The most well-known shows include ‘Vampírika’, ‘Hot Nights, Cool Moves’ and ‘MerQury Rising’.

Flamenco and cabaret at Son Amar

Everyone who attends the Son Amar show is delighted with the captivating dance and sounds of traditional flamenco, but contemporary choreographies, magic shows or cabaret montages are just as popular. It is a show that goes on for more than three hours and is updated every season with typical scenes from Africa, India or London, strength and acrobatics shows, live orchestras, contortionists, dances and even horses on stage.

Also, if you can’t get around on your own, the organisers schedule pick-ups at the island’s top hotels. Some of the meeting points are the port of Palma, Port de Pollença, Alcúdia, Las Gaviotas, Playa de Muro and Can Picafort.

Stunning light and sound shows

In just over 50 years, the oldest generation there have seen the transformation of Son Amar. In the past, humble suckling pig roasts were offered here, but those days are now long gone. Today the space is used to put on spectacular light and sound shows that blow the audience away. The Whittaker family is responsible for all this, as they have managed to improve Son Amar’s performance programme every year with more colour, more visual effects, more light and better sound.

Tony and Margaret Whittaker came to Majorca for the first time in 1996 and that year they came to Son Amar to enjoy the show. They were fascinated by the place and, as if it were fate, eleven years later they had the chance to purchase the estate and continue the dream. So, together with their son Ben and a great team of show business professionals, they worked until they obtained the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence.

Events, weddings, concerts and more

Today Son Amar hosts all types of shows, as well as corporate events, weddings, concerts, conferences, congresses, etc. The Whittaker family is also planning to convert the old farmhouse into a five-star agrotourism hotel.

But let’s focus on the present and explore the rest of Son Amar’s spaces. As well as the great Sala Magna theatre, there is the unique Patio Mallorquín (which can be reached through the great Boulevard) which is full of orange, almond and lemon trees. It is a paved courtyard surrounded by leafy plants, recovered carriages and a very charming well. It still conserves the staircase, the arches and the original balconies that connect other rooms of the house, including the chapel used by the Amar family. With an area of 300 square metres, this courtyard has witnessed numerous weddings and captivating chamber concerts.

A wine cellar in an old barn

Inside the house you will find Sa Tafona, a space where Majorcans used to take freshly harvested olives to be pressed and processed before being exported. This old stone barn is another one of the emblematic enclaves of Son Amar, which now houses a wine cellar and is used as a room for celebrations (mainly weddings) and other events. It has an area of 300 square metres and a seating capacity of 150 people and more than 250 standing.

Finally, we cannot forget the Jardín Blanco, inspired by the beautiful Sissinghurst Garden in Kent (England). This space is also designed for celebrations. Furthermore, all the plants and trees have white flowers or leaves, making it the perfect place for weddings. The garden, which has two large pergolas surrounded by white roses, can seat up to 200 people.

Son Amar El Castillo Restaurant

At Son Amar you can also find the El Castillo restaurant, which is definitely one of the most sustainable in Majorca; it uses local products and complies with the standards of the SLOW philosophy (sustainable, local, organic and wild). In fact, it was the first company in Spain in the tourism sector to receive the prestigious Aenor IQNet SR10 Certificate, which guarantees a system of corporate social responsibility.

At Son Amar El Castillo they bottle their own water, their glasses are made of 100% recycled glass, cardboard packaging and corks from wine bottles are shredded and used as sediment in their gardens. They also have solar panels to reduce electricity consumption.

House coffee and beer

The cafeteria also roasts its own coffee and brews its own craft beer. Moreover, the kitchen has a large pizza oven and a big charcoal barbecue for grilling gourmet meats and hamburgers. The restaurant is open from 7.30 to 23.00 and offers a very diverse menu.

Also, Son Amar has its own foundation which aims to solve environmental problems and contribute to Majorca becoming more environmentally responsible.

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