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A weekend in Majorca

A weekend on an island as multi-faceted as Majorca can be the best cure for stress or an unusual opportunity to explore one of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful corners. You probably think that a weekend is not enough time to fall in love with its light, its history, the culture that exudes from each corner and its privileged cuisine but we can assure you that it is more than sufficient. We suggest that, in addition to visiting Palma de Mallorca, you should also take a trip to discover the more natural side of Majorca, its mountain villages and its wonderful coves.

In Palma, you should focus on its historic centre, with iconic monuments such as the cathedral, Almudaina Palace and La Lonja (the former trade exchange). Mix in with the locals in the streets, squares and markets, and remember to follow their recommendations. Majorcans enjoy good food and know how to find the right balance between traditional and creative recipes. You can enjoy recipes from top chefs as well as from the more modest bars in any town.

You will love its light, its warm breeze and the breath of fresh air from its natural areas. Your weekend in Majorca is about to start. Are you ready?

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La Lonja in Palma de Mallorca

The former maritime trade exchange enjoys a privileged location next to the sea and its architecture, with towers, sculptures and gargoyles, is worthy of admiration. Inside, there is a beautiful nave that has spiral columns and rib vaults, where temporary art collections are usually exhibited.


Maritime Promenade

In a city which has a sea port, like Palma de Mallorca, it is wonderful to start the day by strolling through the maritime promenade and visiting Parc de la Mar, which also provides a beautiful reflection of the cathedral on its artificial saltwater lake. It was built in the 1970s as a reminder of the past when the sea reached the walls.


Aromata restaurant

It is located in the courtyard of a 17th century palace and expertly managed by the chef Andreu Genestra. The restaurant provides exquisite dishes using quality raw materials and local products. The afternoon menu provides light meals and the evening one is more sophisticated. You should try both.


BrassClub cocktail bar

If you decide to have a night on the tiles, this cocktail bar is the best option since it is managed by Rafa Martín, one of the best cocktail professionals in the Balearic Islands. It is located downtown and you will love its atmosphere.

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Cathedral/La Seu

La Seu is the city's iconic monument and dominates its skyline. If you think that it draws attention from the outside, just wait and visit it to find out its hidden secrets. Remember to visit the Chapel of the Holy Sacrament, where the artist Miquel Barceló left his mark in 2007, and the altar where Gaudí also made additions.


Almudaina Royal Palace

Also known as Castell Reial or Alcázar Real, this building with the appearance of a fortress is the result of modifications to a 13th century Muslim fortress. It was the seat of the independent Majorcan kingdom in the 15th century. Inside, you can admire the tapestries, paintings and furniture from different periods of history.


Juan March Foundation

This is a must for all contemporary art lovers. An extensive collection of 20th century Spanish art is exhibited at this museum located in a former manor house. The works are from well-known artists such as Salvador Dalí, Juan Gris, Joan Miró and Pablo Picasso.


Casa Maruka restaurant

This restaurant managed by the Serrano family is located in a 100-year-old house, with an interior Majorcan-style courtyard. There you can try delicious Majorcan cuisine based on local produce.


Bellver Castle

It is around 3 kilometres from the historic centre and you can reach it on foot or by bus. You can see all the bay and the Tramuntana mountain range from the castle, which is located at over 100 metres above sea level. This 14th century Gothic construction is one of the few circular castles in Europe. It is a must in Palma de Mallorca.


Es Trenc beach

This incredible beach is a protected area and one of the most beautiful in Majorca. In addition to enjoying its peacefulness as it is not very crowded, you can also explore the nearby Es Trenc salt mines. It is a wonderful experience.



Soft lighting and music, a luxurious decoration but without fanfare. High quality Mediterranean cuisine, which can also be enjoyed at the tables in the interior garden. And then, to prolong the good feelings, nothing like a cocktail with views from the terrace.

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A unos 20 minutos desde Palma de Mallorca, Valldemossa tiene un coqueto centro histórico y fue escenario de la relación del compositor Chopin y la escritora francesa George Sand. Sólo por visitar la Real Cartuja de Valldemossa merece la pena acercarse.



Take a stroll through the nearby town of Sóller, considered to be one of the most beautiful in Spain, which you can get to by going on the historic Sóller train from Palma. In that town, you can take a tram that goes through the town's famous fertile area to the bustling Sóller port.


Es Canyís restaurant

Our recommendation is to have lunch at this family-run restaurant in Sóller port, where you can enjoy paella and delicious fish stews while feeling the sea breeze. Fish, seafood, salad and delicious desserts are the main dishes on its menu.


Pollença/ Pollensa

This town with narrow alleyways and bustling squares is considered to be the cultural epicentre of Majorca since many famous poets and musicians are from there. Its Classical Music Festival is an annual must since it is one of the main festivals in the Balearic Islands.


Cap de Formentor

This headland is located on the northernmost point of the island and is also well loved by the Majorcans. Enjoy the scenery and take a 15-kilometre trip full of bends to its lighthouse.



This beautiful town in north Majorca is the only one on the island that has maintained its medieval walls. Stroll through its perfectly restored historic centre and check out its manor houses, its courtyards and its cute little shops. Do not miss the street markets on Tuesday and Sunday; that is the time to buy the area's best food and hand-crafted souvenirs.


La Veranda Restaurant

Located in the historical boutique hotel Formentor, a Royal Hideaway hotel, this gorgeous seafront restaurant offers delicious Mediterranean cuisine made with the finest products.

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