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The Ciutadella port: gastronomy and a great atmosphere

The port of Ciutadella (or Ciudadela, in Spanish) is located in the western part of the island of Minorca and has a length of 1,170 metres. It is not one of the largest ports in the Balearic Islands, but it can accommodate 175 vessels. It is also where Minorca, Majorca and Barcelona meet, since all three can be visited by boat.

The Ciutadella port, a stylish atmosphere in Minorca

Strolling through this harbour, you can enjoy one of the most visited and magical places on the island. Despite its small size, it will surprise you with its comprehensive infrastructure and its four ports which are used for different purposes, i.e., the fishing port, the marina, the commercial port and the passenger port.

To access the Ciutadella port, you have to go down a staircase that starts at Plaça des Born. It is worth a visit both during the day and at night, because the atmosphere is totally different. In the morning, you will get to know port life on the island and see the traditional fishing boats moored at the quay, as well as shops full of crafts and souvenirs of the island. Link interno: Shopping in Minorca

At night, the port becomes a wonderfully lit place, with its nightlife reflecting in the water and you can enjoy it as a couple or with your family at any of its terraces, restaurants or simply by taking a stroll along it and watching the boats and yachts that rest on its waters.

Where to eat at the marina

One of the best things you can do when visiting a new place is to let yourself be carried away by your senses and discover new flavours and aromas. Not only is it important to visit and walk around the city. Getting to know its gastronomy first-hand will also help you fully enjoy any of its corners.

At the Ciutadella port there is a great variety of restaurants for all budgets, as well as cafés and bars. Without a doubt, stopping by at night and enjoying them at your own pace is one of the most attractive things to do at the port.

  • S’Amarador: Specialises in fish and seafood; prawns, baked grouper or lobster stew are just some of the dishes on the menu. It has a very carefully designed aesthetic and a large wine cellar. In addition to its culinary offer, you can enjoy incredible views of the port, thanks to its excellent location.
  • Cas Consol: Located in the Plaça des Born, from its delightful terrace you can take in the beautiful views of the port. Its cuisine is traditional and Mediterranean, simple and reasonably priced. A good spot to go to with children.
  • Es Forat: A place where you can taste lobster stew, squid or mussels. It is one of the most beautiful restaurants in the port as it is located on the pier promenade. It offers a deluxe menu which features several typical dishes from the area and the Minorcan-style lobster stew.
  • Can Faustino: A restaurant with several spaces, all of which are special for lunch or dinner, the terrace in particular. Its cuisine is delicious and the signature dish is creamy rice with prawns. It also has a barbecue area which is perfect for children and a tasting menu that is full of local delicacies. However, it is advisable to go with plenty of time available and calmly savour the flavours.

Rissaga, a meteorological phenomenon on the island

On some occasions, the Balearic Islands have experienced a phenomenon typical of this area called rissaga or meteotsunami, which usually occurs between April and September. These are very strong tides that result in very sharp drops in sea level, meaning the port may run out of water. However, the water returns to its original place with incalculable force, sweeping away whatever is in its path and causing the boats it encounters along the way to collide.

It happened once in Ciutadella in 2006, when the port suffered a very strong meteotsunami which came to destroy many of the boats that were in the dock as well as shops, restaurants and garages. However, although the city runs the risk that it may happen again, it is more than prepared for it and travelling to Minorca is very safe.

Visiting the Ciutadella port

Ciudadela Harbor

There are several ways to get to know the charm of this harbour filled with atmosphere and life. You can do it on foot, staying in one of the hotels offered by the port—there are several categories—so you can calmly explore all its charms and secrets. But you can also do it by boat: there are excursions that allow you to enjoy the island from the water and thus have a view from a different perspective. Some of the companies that organise boat trips offer to make a stop at the port to rest or simply take a stroll and enjoy a day there.

What to see in Ciutadella

You can also plan the day or the weekend, including another must-visit: the delightful Ciutadella, where you can enjoy several options:

  • Cala Turqueta: Take a dip in this wonderful cove, so called because of the turquoise colour of its waters.
  • Cala del Pilar: Although getting to this small beach is a little more difficult, enjoying a day here can be an unforgettable experience, especially for those who like snorkelling.
  • Historic quarter: Take the opportunity to stroll around the city and discover some of its architectural jewels, such as the Gothic cathedral Catedral de Santa María de Ciutadella, which is located at the city’s highest point.
  • Punta Nati lighthouse: An iconic place on the island where you can behold the sunset in complete silence.

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