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Minorca with children: the balearic island through the eyes of youngsters

Enchanting beaches, wonderful nature and rich heritage: Minorca boasts a wide variety of options for all ages. When travelling with the youngest members of the family, you’ve also got to make sure that some of their preferences are catered for. Enjoying family time is much simpler if you can find a happy balance between the different activities on your agenda.

First off, it’s important to take into account the age of your children and whether they can already walk and withstand a fairly long outing or whether you’ll need to bring along a pushchair for when they get tired. Depending on your needs, there’s no doubt that Minorca is a great destination for you and your loved ones: unique natural landscapes, popular festivals, new flavours, secluded beaches perfect for an adventure, and prehistoric ruins. Kids will discover a world full of excitement with a sense of enthusiasm that will rub off on the older members of the family to create unique moments. Be sure to take note of all the experiences that you and your family cannot miss.

What to see in Minorca with children

Mother with her children in pedal boat

One of the best things to do in Minorca with children is to go on an outing to some of the most famous lighthouses on the island. As is normally the case, the lighthouses are located up high, surrounded by cliffs and a spectacular landscape. Children will enjoy the walk, the size of the lighthouses and their interesting history. The Cavalleria lighthouse, which stands on the edge of a cliff with a height of over 40 metres in the northernmost part of the island, will encourage kids’ imagination and adventurous spirit to run wild. It can be accessed by car and children must be supervised at all times.

The lighthouse closest to Ciutadella, Punta Nati, is one of the best for watching the sunset. It can be reached on a pleasant walk of around five kilometres. The site also boasts old military constructions where children can play. It’s best to be prepared with some form of overcoat in case the northern winds blow. The Favàritx lighthouse, which rises up amid black rocks buffeted by the waves, offers an impressive landscape. You will also be able to discover, as a family, the s’Albufera des Grau Natural Park, a Biosphere Reserve and home to numerous aquatic birds that can be seen in action. What’s more, after your visit, you can take a dip at Cala Tortuga.

It’s vital that children take an interest in the culture of your chosen destination. In the case of Minorca, they’ll no doubt be impressed by the island’s main Talayotic structures, through which they can discover the characteristics of these fascinating colossal edifications. The Naveta des Tudons [‘The Vessel of Woodpigeons’] is one of the most striking examples on the whole island. Be sure to visit it so you can learn about Minorca’s prehistoric past together.

Climbing Mount Toro, the highest point in Minorca, will no doubt leave both children and adults in awe, but take advantage of a clear day to visit. It can be reached by car and once at the top you’ll have a great time spotting all the different places that can be seen.

At Lloc de Menorca, the island’s main zoo, you’ll enjoy a completely interactive experience. Children will be amazed on a visit to the lemurs’ forest or when feeding native cows. It’s also a great opportunity for them to learn how to connect with animals in a respectful manner. And if the youngsters need another day’s worth of fun, you can also visit one of the large water parks in Minorca, such as Splash Sur Menorca. Children can go down giant slides and adults can relax in the Jacuzzi area.

The most suitable beaches for children in Minorca

It’s hard to ignore that the island’s biggest draw is its wide array of idyllic beaches and coves. However, some of them are more complicated to access than others and are not the most recommended if travelling with children. Therefore, it’s best to choose beaches with calm waves and services close at hand. One such beach that fits this bill is Playa des Grau, which lies next to the town of the same name. Shaped in the form of a small bay, its water is shallow as well as calm. It boasts a wide variety of shops and restaurants and you can also hire kayaks to go to Colom Island, which is part of the s’Albufera des Grau Natural Park, a place of great natural wealth. From the beach you can access the Camí de Cavalls trail, which leads to the calm and quiet cove of Cala Sa Torreta, just a short distance away.

If you’re in the north of the island, one option for the whole family is Arenal de Son Saura, a long beach with white sand that is very easy to access. You’ll also find an array of places to eat in the vicinity as it is close to a residential area. Nearby, not far from Es Mercadal, is Cavallería Beach, where children will be more than delighted. The walk from the car park is simple and the water is shallow.

To find a calmer cove, close to Ciutadella is Cala d’Algaiarens, one of the favourite beaches of Minorcan families. Its lack of services is compensated by fewer people, and bringing along a packed lunch will mean you can spend an amazing day together. If your children are older and interested in water sports, a good option is Son Xoriguer, which has countless rental services for different activities such as kayaking and snorkelling.

Some of the most beautiful coves in Minorca, such as Cala Galdana, are also ideal to go to with children, as they can be reached directly by car and boast numerous shops in the surrounding area. There’s no need to forgo the turquoise waters of such places, which will impress the little ones thanks to their fairy-tale landscape. What’s more, from Ciutadella you can get a boat to Cala’n Turqueta or Cala Macarella. A boat trip is a different and exciting alternative to walking to these coves, which are more difficult to access.

In addition to offering a range of different amenities, Sant Tomàs Beach is a great point at which to begin the Camí de Cavalls trail to the unspoilt beach of Binigaus. From there you can hike to the impressive Cova de Colom, in around 20 minutes—an activity that children will absolutely love.

Participating in the festivals that take place in summer at different places across the island; snorkelling to discover the incredible seabed; learning amid prehistoric ruins; and marvelling at the paradisiacal settings that Minorca holds will make for a once-in-a-lifetime family album of memories.

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