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The minorca zoo, a place where you can interact with nature

Minorca has hundreds of options for travellers. If you are looking for some of the most extraordinary beaches in Spain, the turquoise colour of Cala Galdana or Cala Mitjana will stay with you forever. Your visit will become unforgettable when you discover the extraordinary cultural wealth behind the Talayotic structures. The beauty of both Mahón—the capital of Minorca—and villages such as Binibeca which transport you to another era, will make you fall in love with the island.

However, when travelling with children we recommend making plans for them as well. A family holiday should be all about balance. These occasions are always great for the little ones to learn new things. You can take the opportunity to arouse their interest in monuments and museums, to discover new flavours by sampling local cuisine or learn about unusual traditions.

In addition to all this, children should have some time for fun doing activities aimed at their age. Minorca can offer you a wide range of alternatives for all of you to enjoy together. An entertaining option is to spend a day with your family at one of the water parks you can find all over the island. It would also be an excellent time for children to encounter nature, learning to respect the different animal species. This can be done at the Lloc de Menorca, the island’s most important zoo. Would you like to know all the options that await you here?

Brief history of the Lloc de Menorca

This project was born out of the love that the Mir Martí family, which is in charge of the zoo, had for animals. At first, the idea was to create a habitat with species native to the island. But they quickly decided to broaden their objectives. They conceived a larger area for species that had suffered illegal trafficking, horrible experiences in circuses or abandonment. They wanted to give all the animals a new life that was as similar as possible to the one they would have in their natural environment.

Thus, this particular group of native breeds and exotic animals was brought together. The result is a space of nearly four hectares, where everyone can interact with the inhabitants of the zoo and share experiences with them—which was the aim of this family’s members, who personally carry out all the work at Lloc de Menorca. They take care of the animals, making them feel at home, and set a great example inviting you to spend some time among them.

The Minorca Zoo, a unique natural environment

Many refer to this zoo as the perfect place to go with children, as it offers children the chance to get to know the animals first-hand. In addition, the space is surrounded by numerous examples of Minorcan fauna. Here they strive every day for the conservation and well-being of all their species, which are essential values to transmit during childhood.

The best attraction for children will be the chance to touch many of the species, always with respect and the corresponding safety measures, something that is possible thanks to the design of the facilities. The Lloc de Menorca is divided into several sectors and the itinerary is designed to be as interactive as possible.

In this way, the magic of the zoo can be gradually discovered. For example, in the lemur forest, these friendly and peculiar primates originating from Madagascar walk freely and come to greet visitors. A large 9-metre-high dome is today the new home of eighteen macaques rescued from a laboratory. Don’t miss the Australian kangaroos and emus, which will accompany you along some of the way.

Exhibitions of birds of prey, such as owls, will remain fluttering in your memory. You can also see deer, giant tortoises and marmosets. This unique family is joined by different species of reptiles, fish and breeds native to Minorca, such as the red cow.

In total, there are around 200 types of animals, whose habits and behaviour children can learn about. Tours of the Lloc de Menorca and interactions with the animals are carried out without altering the daily routine of the real protagonists of this zoo. On the other hand, numerous services are made available to visitors for greater comfort. Have a drink and regain your strength in the snack bar or find a special souvenir in the shop. If you have decided to bring your own food, you can enjoy the picnic and barbecue area. In the playground, children can play on the swings and discover life-size models of animals. In addition, finding a parking space will not be a problem thanks to the adjacent car park.

As far as the cultural aspect is concerned, you can go to a museum which displays typical Minorcan antiquities and field tools. To round off the day, check out the Talayotic funerary monument located inside the zoo, the Naveta de Biniac Oriental [Eastern Biniac Naveta]. You’ll find a circular construction, which you can explore to soak up the characteristics of these Cyclopean structures.

The Lloc de Menorca offers splendid options to spend an entertaining day with the family. Children will enjoy a gratifying experience from which they will learn, and you will be able to take a pleasant memory home with you.

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  • By car. Take the main road (Me-1) and then head to the 7.8 km marker, between the towns of Alaior and Maó/Mahón.

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