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Where to eat in Tenerife: from guachinches to haute cuisine

The restaurant scene in Tenerife is truly staggering, so if you’re planning on visiting the island you won’t have much trouble when it comes to finding a nice place where to eat. In Tenerife there are establishments for all tastes and budgets, from traditional eateries called guachinches to haute cuisine restaurants—some of which have been recognised with Michelin stars—without forgetting beach bars and, of course, tapas bars that also serve larger portions.

One of the key features of Tenerife’s restaurants are the huge portions. In fact, we recommend ordering in moderation as Tenerife’s restaurateurs really like to satisfy their diners, sometimes a little too enthusiastically.

Restaurants in Tenerife

Tenerife is home to some of the main culinary temples of Canarian food: places where you can savour the delicious and very authentic local cuisine. Below are some of the most popular restaurants to eat at in Tenerife:

  • Maresía Restaurant by Hermanos Padrón. Patrons will savour spectacular haute cuisine creations and unique flavours using the best local ingredients as they take in spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean from the rooftop at Royal Hideaway Corales Beach. The Michelin-starred and Repsol-sunned Padrón brothers offer the flavours of the Canary Islands and the sea in a scrumptious culinary offering. Tasting menus are available and recommended for 16 years and older.
  • San Hô Restaurant. Located in Royal Hideaway Corales Beach, this restaurant bearing the Japanese name for coral promises to take patrons on a fabulous culinary journey through Japan, Peru and the Canaries. Come enjoy the exquisite fusion cuisine of Chef Jamie Palmar, whose impressive track record includes Abama Kabuki, El Rincón de Juan Carlos, Sensu, Kazan and Naiko.
  • Casa Tomás (Callejón de la Iglesia, 2, Tegueste): A perfect restaurant for the most carnivorous, its speciality is ribs with potatoes and corn on the cob. Be sure not to miss the Canarian chickpea stew.
  • Bodegón Yumar (Fuente Gonzalo, 12, Santa Úrsula): For many this is Tenerife’s temple of cochino negro, a black pig species native to the island. Here it is served with carrots and chips.
  • El Calderito de la Abuela (Carretera Provincial del Norte, 130, Santa Úrsula): Run by the fourth generation of the same family, its specialities include the best of Tenerife’s traditional food, such as gofio escaldado—wreckfish broth with Canarian roasted-grain flour, spicy mojo sauce, coriander and red onion.
  • Bodegón Campestre (Bethencourt, 1, Lomo Pelado, El Rosario): Open since 1971, this restaurant is one of the island’s classics where particular emphasis is put on grilled meat.
  • Las Aguas (Destila, 20, Las Aguas): Another long-serving restaurant and one of the best in Tenerife for rice dishes. It boasts a very pleasant terrace and the service deserves a special mention.

Guachinches in Tenerife

Guachinches are a distinctive feature of the island and, without a doubt, among the best places where to eat in Tenerife. Associated with young wine, these eateries originate from the markets that were set up to coincide with seasonal wine production where one could have ‘something to eat’ to go with their tipple. Below are some of the most popular and renowned guachinches in Tenerife:

  • Bodega El Zacatín (La Canal, 1, La Corujera): For several decades people have been coming here to taste the locally-produced red wine as well as some of the traditional stews and barbecued pork ribs prepared by Eladio and his family.
  • Guachinche Las Galanas (Carretera de la Montaña, 48, Los Realejos): Here the focus is mainly on fish dishes accompanied, sure enough, by white wine. We recommend trying, at the very least, the chickpea stew.
  • Casa Suárez (Los Codezales, 9, La Matanza de Acentejo): Serving local cuisine in traditional surroundings with excellent value for money.
  • Guachinche José (San Juan, 26, La Victoria de Acentejo): Authentic Canarian food and unbeatable, personal service are enough reason to make this one of the favourite guachinches among the locals and a safe bet when deciding where to eat in Tenerife.

Restaurants in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Some of the finest restaurants on the island are concentrated in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Below are some of the best places where to eat in Tenerife’s capital city:

  • Noi (Santa Teresita, 3): A genuine culinary laboratory with chef Pablo Amigó at the helm serving highly original fusion food.
  • San Sebastián 57 (Avenida de San Sebastián, 57): Here there are two options: one of them informal and the other of a more ‘sit-down’ nature serving food made with local ingredients and original recipes, all washed down with a great selection of Canarian and international wines.
  • Kazan (Paseo Milicias de Garachico, 1, local 4): There’s little doubt that this restaurant is one of the finest on the island, attested to by its one Michelin star. Japanese cuisine in its highest form.
  • Amor de mis amores (Perdón, 11): Peruvian gourmet cuisine served in a very welcoming setting led by the Mexican chef Armando Saldanha.
  • La Verdulería (Santiago, 4): One of the best options for those who like to eat their greens (the restaurant defines itself as a specialist in lacto-ovo-vegetarian food).
  • Solana (Puerta Canseco, 37): An intimate space where original and beautifully presented food is served based on seasonal produce.

Restaurants in southern Tenerife

For the most part, the best restaurants in southern Tenerife are found in some of the area’s biggest hotels, many of them recognised by the best Spanish and international culinary guides:

  • Abama Kabuki (Carretera General TF-47 motorway, km 9, Guía de Isora, Hotel Ritz Carlton): Chef David Romero continues with the fine tradition that characterises this haute cuisine Japanese restaurant. A very interesting option is the roasted kid goat with umeboshi, shiso and yucca. Pretty much all of their adaptations of Japanese dishes prepared using local ingredients follow the Kabuki philosophy to the letter.
  • M.B. (Carretera General TF-47, km 9, Guía de Isora, Hotel Ritz Carlton): At the same hotel, Erlantz Gorostiza makes the creative vision of the great Gipuzkoa-born chef Martín Berasategui a reality.
  • Casa Fito (Carretera General del Sur motorway, 4, Chimiche): This is the place to come to enjoy chargrilled flavours, serving both meat—much of it from the Basque Country—and local fish.
  • Las Rocas (Gran Bretaña, Adeje, Hotel Jardín Tropical): Innovation based on traditional flavours is the main characteristic of this restaurant’s highly recommended gourmet cuisine.
  • El Rincón de Juan Carlos (Pasaje Jacaranda, 2, Acantilados de Los Gigantes): Home to another one of the island’s Michelin stars, at this restaurant the Padrón brothers serve modern and creative cuisine with distinct flavours. Cosmopolitan yet local with an admirable balance of subtlety.

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