Before You Go: Summer Skincare Tips at Barceló Hotels

Before You Go: Summer Skincare Tips

Summer is almost here, and you’re probably dreaming of a beach getaway filled with sun and sand. But during your trip, don’t slack on your skincare routine – UVA/UVB rays are especially damaging during the summer months. So before you hit the beach at Barceló Hotel Group’s all-inclusive resorts (including The Barceló Bávaro Grand Resort, Barceló Aruba, Barceló Maya Grand Resort, Occidental Caribe and Royal Hideaway Playacar), learn how to protect your skin with these skincare tips.


Apply … And Re-Apply. So you did the right thing and remembered to put on sunscreen before your sunbathing session. Good job! But that’s not enough. Experts say that you should re-apply sunscreen every two hours you spend out in the sun.

Don’t Just Pay Lip Service To Your Lips. Your lips need protection, too! You can keep them soft and smooth with a lip balm that’s SPF 15 or higher. And just like sunscreen, remember to re-apply regularly.

Cover Up. You may want to show off the gym body you’ve been working on during the winter months – but it’s a good idea to cover up at least for part of the day while you’re out in the sun to avoid over-exposure. A flowing, light cotton cardigan is a stylish solution.

Pack A Wide-Brim. Another good cover-up strategy is to pack a wide-brim hat that will shade your face from those damaging UVA/UVB rays. And fortunately, they’re currently very “in” – just check Instagram if you don’t believe us!

Exfoliate. For clearer, smoother skin, exfoliate before you soak up the rays. Use a gentle, exfoliating body wash in the shower and say goodbye to dead skin. Pay special attention to dry areas like knees and elbows.

Hydrate. Prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to dehydration and crackly dry skin. So remember to drink lots of water – up to eight 8-oz. glasses will keep you properly hydrated. And your skin will benefit from spraying your body with water regularly.

Cool Off. After a day spent in the sun, take a cool shower – a hot shower can increase dry skin. It’ll also remove excess sunscreen, which can also cause dryness.

Antioxidize. An essential summer skincare strategy is to add antioxidants to your routine. Want an easy way to do that? Eat anti-oxidant rich foods like melon, which also helps to hydrate the skin. 

Treat Your Sunburn. Even if you do everything right before hitting the beach, sunburns still happen. It’s OK! But don’t just suffer – you can treat the burns by slathering the area in aloe vera gel three or four times a day. Your skin will thank you.

After-Sun Body Wrap. Too much fun in the sun? At Barceló’s U-Spa wellness centers, experience immediate relief for sensitive skin and redness caused by sun exposure. This cold treatment moisturizes your skin and reduces redness and any burning sensations, topped off with a phytoaromatic mist.