5 of the best Granada cultural tours

Keen to embark on some of the finest Granada cultural tours during your Spanish city break? Here’s our pick of the top 5 must-see cultural attractions.


Granada is a stunning and captivating city in the Andalusia region, situated in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. With an incredible array of historical and contemporary attractions that make Granada one of the most popular destinations among the tourist cities of Spain, Granada cultural tours offer some truly magical experiences.

Whether you fancy perusing some of the city’s finest museums and monuments, or visiting idyllic neighbourhoods to discover Granada’s historical landmarks, or immersing yourself into the most extraordinary natural wonderlands, you will be utterly beguiled by Granada’s cultural delights.

Check out our pick of the best 5 Granada cultural tours, and book your great escape to this fascinating city…

Alhambra Tour

The most visited monument in Spain, one of the most visited historic sites in the world, and declared as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO, Granada’s Alhambra is a must-see attraction when taking a trip to the city.

Alhambra is a stunning complex of buildings and gardens, with the Alhambra Palace one of the most prominent features of this cultural hub. The Palace grounds encompass beautiful courtyards and fountains, with tree-lined and floral walkways making it the most mesmerising of settings.


The Alhambra tour is a three-hour long walking tour, with a professional guide who takes visitors through all parts of Alhambra and the Gardens of Generalife. These experienced tour guides provide an extensive insight into the fascinating cultural history of Alhambra and enable guests to enjoy some of the most impressive viewpoints of Granada. The tour also includes a visit to the Alcazaba fortress; the oldest building in the complex, along with a walk up the Torre de la Vela, which delivers one of the most captivating views of Alhambra and the Granada meadows.

Not only are Alhambra’s magical palaces and gardens exquisite sites that hold masses of cultural significance, but their awe-inspiring architectural and decorative features are mesmerising, making the tour a worthwhile experience for both history and design buffs.

Private tours and group tours are available, depending on your preference, but both choices will provide guests with a unique tour of the Alhambra complex.

Hamman Al Andalus Granada

Situated at the foot of the Alhambra Palace complex sits the serene Hamman Al Andalus Granada, where the magnificent Arabian baths are the perfect spot to relax your muscles and unwind after exploring the Alhambra’s fortress and gardens. These lavishly designed baths, built by the Arabs and crucial to the Moorish culture, are one of the most historic and architectural gems of Granada.

Boasting stunning arches, candle-lit walkways, marble benches and tranquil chambers, this Hamman is one of the most mesmerising venues to visit in the city. Unwind in the steam room infused with aromatic essences or treat yourself to a soothing massage followed by an exfoliating scrub. Luxuriating in the Hamman Al Andalus will not only leave you revived and rejuvenated, but also allow you to experience one of the most beautiful and symbolic complexes in the city.

Cathedral and Royal Chapel

Granada boasts two historical treasures, both located in the heart of the city: the Cathedral and the Royal Chapel. This guided tour focuses on the interior of both monuments, both of which possess equally impressive yet very different architectural styles: Gothic and Renaissance.


The 16th century Cathedral was the first Renaissance cathedral in Spain and is full of symbology that demonstrates the importance and history of the city during this period. The Cathedral’s artistic elements are rich in meaning, and the tour will enlighten guests on both the buildings’ construction process, along with discovering every detail of the interior. The Royal Chapel is the tomb of the Catholic Monarchs, displaying the astounding Carrara marble mausoleums and the renowned collection of Flemish paintings of Queen Elizabeth.

Following the tour of these two churches, you can continue the adventure with a visit to the surrounding areas, and the famous Alcaicería or Plaza Bib-Rambla. This tour lasts approximately two-three hours, depending on whether guests wish to continue their cultural escapades after visiting the Cathedral and Royal Chapel.

Albaicin and Sacromonte tour

When it comes to the city’s enclaves, Albaicin and Sacromonte are two of the most charming and unique neighbourhoods in Granada. When embarking on a tour to Albaicin, you will explore the narrow lanes and cobbled streets and plazas that are surrounded by Andalucian houses – gaining an understanding of each street and square in the district, whilst delving into the Moorish architecture and heritage. Albaican is also renowned for its dramatic views overlooking the Alhambra, where you can take in the picturesque settings.

Following the Albaican, you’ll then head to Sacromonte; an area that is famed for both its cave houses and being a gypsy enclave since the 1400s. Here, you can take a stroll down the cobbled lanes, many of which are dotted with flamenco bars and other cultural haunts. This tour is 2.5-hours long and concludes after guests finish their tour of Sacromentre.

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Granada Tapas tour

Andalucía is renowned for its exquisite gastronomy scene, with the city of Granada offering some of the finest tapas in the country. Why not let a city expert take you to Granada’s hottest spots, and give you an insight on a selection of must-try tapas along with the best regional wines to top it off? A tapas tour allows you to sit back and savour the food like one of the locals whilst also discovering the historic and cultural significance behind each tapa.

The tour typically lasts between two to four hours, as the host will guide you to a variety of unique tapas bars, ranging from family-run venues to more contemporary hotspots. The host will collect you from your hotel or apartment providing you’re staying in the city centre or meet you at a central and easy-to-find location if not. Tours are usually available either at lunchtime or in the evening and are a must-do experience for both serious foodies and those eager to learn more about the city’s culture.

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