The gift of sun: best winter holiday destinations in the sun

Wondering what to get the person who has everything? Why not book them a holiday? Plan an experience in the best winter holiday destinations in the sun.

So, you’re wondering what to get the person who has everything. There’s someone special in your life and you want to get them the perfect Christmas present, but you don’t want to just keep giving them more stuff. So why not give them a travel experience instead, and treat yourself while you’re at it?

More and more people are turning away from traditional gifts and giving experiences instead. This Christmas, give them what they really want, time spent in the best winter holiday destinations in the sun.

When you’re lying on a beach in February next to one of your favourite people you won’t regret splashing out on a dose of warm winter sun. If they love travel and find it hard to get through the cold winter months, then looking into beach holidays could mean you give them the Christmas present of their dreams.

How to go about giving winter sun breaks

When it comes to booking a holiday as a gift, you’ve got a couple of options, and the approach you take will all depend on the recipient.

Option one is going ahead and booking everything yourself. You could ask them to book the time off work, if necessary, but if there’s any way you could get in contact with their boss or their colleagues and book it off for them, then that makes it even more of a surprise. Just make sure the time off is confirmed before you reserve anything.

Then, you can either present them with the plane tickets on Christmas morning, or just let them know you’re off on an adventure somewhere, and keep the destination as a surprise until closer to the time, or even until you arrive at the airport. If they love surprises, then they’re bound to love that.

On the other hand, if you know that they’d rather be in control of matters, then you could do your research and give them a kind of ‘holiday voucher’ on Christmas morning, along with a couple of options for destinations, letting them know that you’ve put the work in but you wanted them to have the final say. Have a think about their character before you pick a tactic. Then, take a look at our pick for the best winter holiday destinations in the sun.

Best winter holiday destinations in the sun

When it comes to winter sun holidays, you need something that’s not too far away, yet still guarantees warm weather in January, February and March. Most of Europe is pretty chilly at that time of year, but there is one outpost of Spain that does promise sunshine all year round.

Winter in the Canary Islands isn’t really winter. The locals are on the beach all year round, even Christmas. And though you will need a jacket in the evenings when it does cool down, the temperature during the days on most of the islands hovers around the low twenties, with blue skies galore. The perfect contrast to a grey, chilly British winter.

Let’s run through each of the seven Canary Islands and see which one might be the perfect choice for you so that you can give the gift of sunshine this Christmas.

Best winter sun destinations: Lanzarote

If you’re a fan of wine and volcanoes, Lanzarote is for you. There are both built-up tourist areas and tranquil spots on this distinctive island, the northernmost island in the archipelago.

Whether you think that special someone would want to go wine tasting, lie on the beach or go surfing, this is the perfect destination for winter breaks to the sun.

Winter beach holidays in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura can get very windy, but it also stays lovely and warm during the winter months making it great for January or February winter sun holidays.

It’s famous for windsurfing and kitesurfing, but also for its dramatic, desert-like landscape and huge sand dunes. Spend a romantic day discovering the quaint colonial village of Betancuria right in the heart of the island.

Winter holidays in the Canary Islands: Tenerife

Tenerife is another land of contrasts. There are fantastic tourist resorts galore, but there’s also plenty of opportunity to discover unspoilt beauty.

If you think they’d appreciate an adventure, why not plan a night in the refuge on Mount Teide, and get up early in the morning in time to hike to the peak for sunrise.

Best destinations for winter sun in Europe: Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is perfect for beach lovers who want to explore the white sand and black lava beaches that ring the island.

It’s incredibly varied, and you might feel like you’re experiencing all four seasons in a day if you leave the beach to explore the island’s mountainous interior, by car or on foot.

[Foto 4: La Gomera]

Best places to visit for winter sun: La Gomera

La Gomera is a total off-the-beaten track paradise, perfect for anyone who loves hiking. Its unique tropical microclimate and culture will be something you won’t forget in a hurry.

Unusual winter sun destinations: La Palma

Hike in the rainforest, lie on the black sand beaches or admire the incredible starry skies on ‘La Isla Bonita’.

Winter sun holidays in the Canary Islands: El Hierro

Last but not least, this quirky island has a fascinating history, and very few tourists make it out here. It’s also legendary for its dive sites.

With so much choice, the toughest part of the whole trip will be deciding which of the best winter holiday destinations in the sun in the Canary Islands you’re going to discover for yourself.