Why Bulgaria is one of the hottest destinations for 2018

Looking to discover the top things to do in Bulgaria? Check out our round-up of the best experiences - from beaches, to food, to its beautiful sights.

Fancy discovering what all the buzz is about Bulgaria? This Balkan nation is rising up the popularity stakes for summer fun in the sun - and small wonder. You’ll be amazed by the wealth of cool travel experiences and things to do in Bulgaria, whether you’re heading off for a weekend break or plotting a bigger trip.

Bulgaria is an absolute gem of Eastern Europe with plenty of fascinating sights and experiences to indulge in. With the country offering a Balkan adventure like no other, tourists from all over the globe are flocking in to admire its pristine coastlines, towering mountains, mesmerising natural wonders and fascinating culture.

Check out our round-up of the top things to do in Bulgaria... 

Discover its delicious beaches…

Home to around 400 kilometres of incredible Black Sea coastline, the Bulgarian Riviera is lined with sensational beaches for you to explore, from party playgrounds to nudist hideaways. Here are the top beaches in Bulgaria where you can soak up the Balkan sunshine…

Sunny Beach

The most famous of all Bulgaria’s wonderful beaches, Sunny Beach is the country’s biggest and liveliest resort. This Balkan gem is anchored around fun, with eight kilometres of fine golden stretch right on its doorstep. The beach offers an extensive range of water sports for adrenaline seekers -you can soar up to the sky on a parasail, speed along the shorelines on a jet-ski, or let a speed boat drag you along the water while you lay on an inflatable. Several restaurants, cafes and kiosks flank the beach’s promenade if you fancy treating yourself to a spot of lunch, refreshing cocktails or delicious ice cream.

If you’re looking for Bulgaria’s summer party hub, then Sunny Beach is the place to be, with beach bars boasting world-class DJ performances.

Ready for a luxurious haven on the Black Sea? Check out Barceló Royal Beach, located in Sunny Beach.

Golden Sands

As its name suggests, Golden Sands boasts a stunning golden stretch of fine sands and cooler ocean waters than Bulgaria’s other resorts. This beach is a popular hit with the younger crowd given its electrifying nightlife and mega-resorts that surround it but is slightly less full-on than the bustling Sunny Beach. The beach lies close to a nature reserve and is bordered by the stunning Golden Sands Nature Park.


The best family-friendly beach on this stretch of coast is Albena, where the calm transparent waters are the perfect place for the tots to paddle. Miniature trains are one of the beach’s primary forms of transportation, and a popular hit to keep the little ones entertained. 

Indulge in the finest local cuisine…

Bulgaria’s magnificent capital city, Sofia, is the cultural centre of the country, where Balkan-infused restaurants cater to all tastes and preferences. If you’re looking for things to do in Sofia, then check out a selection of restaurants in the capital city, offering the finest Bulgarian cuisine where you can eat like a local…

Rakia Raketa Bar

Rakia Raketa is a charming restaurant offering traditional Bulgarian cuisine with a modern twist. Drink like the locals and sip on a glass of Rakia on the outdoor summer terrace.

Adi’s Cook and Book

Adi’s Cook and Book is regarded by many as one of the best dining spots in Bulgaria. Famed for its international menu and fine wine collection, this restaurant is one of Sofia’s foodie hot spots.

Hadriganov’s Houses

Hadriganov’s Houses sits in the city centre and is ideal for those looking to sample all the culinary delights that Bulgaria has to offer. With an extensive menu filled with Bulgarian wines and recipes, this restaurant will certainly satisfy your appetite. This hot spot is a meat lover’s paradise, with skewers, steaks and plenty more being cooked over a traditional wood-burning oven and plate to intensify the flavours of the ingredients. 

Fun-filled family experiences…

Despite being renowned for its lively and buzzing party scene, there is also an endless list of things to do in Bulgaria for families to enjoy. Give the kids a holiday to remember and head to Bulgaria’s thrilling family attractions… 

Action Aquapark

Action Aquapark has become the most popular and reputable attraction in the Sunny Beach and Nessebar area. This water park is sheer paradise if you’re looking for a family outing; boasting infinite water slides suitable for both tots and thrill seekers, a leisurely lazy river and a massive wave pool. Plunge down the near-vertical slide or plummet down the various Hydrotubes. Families will adore the designated Kids Zone, where the little ones can splash around in the shallow pools or explore the wrecked pirates ship, flanked with baby slides. The miniature zoo is also a popular family spot, where you can discover emus, goats, sheep, peacocks, pigs and more. There are restaurants and bars on the complex if you’re feeling peckish, with refreshing beers on tap for the adults.

Luna Park

Create unforgettable family memories and experiences in Luna Park, a hugely popular amusement park in wonderful Sunny Beach. This bustling seaside fair is home to looping rollercoasters and white-knuckle rides for thrill-seekers, as well as fun-filled activities such as carousels and dodgems. Fly into the air with the exclusive bungee trampoline experience or face your fears in the haunted house (only accessible to children over 12).

Explore its spectacular attractions…

Bulgaria is brimming with plenty of mesmerising sights and attractions that are a must-visit if you’re exploring the country. Here’s a few that you certainly need to tick off the bucket list…

Belogradchik Rocks

The Belogradchik Rocks are probably the most popular natural phenomenon in Bulgaria for both tourists and locals alike. Situated less than a three-hour drive northwest of Sofia, you’ll come across a group of rock formations created by sandstone and conglomerate rock, ranging from beautiful red and yellow shades. The rock shapes are spectacular; resembling animals, birds, human silhouettes and mythical creatures. They lie in their very own fortress, built within walls, floors and stairs. The view from the top is utterly phenomenal, and an exclusive viewpoint to admire the amazing scenery that surrounds you. 

Krushuna Falls

Krushuna Falls are a series of stunning waterfalls in northern Bulgaria, near the village of Krushuna. Boasting turquoise waters in a scenic forested landscape, this peaceful natural setting is a sight for sore eyes. Walk up the trail to admire the waterfalls from the top and enjoy a spot of lunch on the meadow by the caves. 

 Seven Rila Lakes

The Seven Rila Lakes are the most visited group of lakes in Bulgaria, and one of the country’s most iconic sights. This natural wonder consists of glacial lakes situated in the north-western Rila Mountains.  The lakes are best to visit in the summer, when their hiking trails are in their best condition. The higher you climb, the more breath-taking the panoramic views become, so if you’re a lover of scenic sights then it’s well-worth the hike.