Caribbean holidays: what to do and visit during your vacation

Caribbean vacations: Six places you should visi...

Caribbean vacations: Six places you should visit this summer

Where the sun is always warm, the air smells like fruit, and you sleep cradled by the sound of the waves: we are talking about the Caribbean coast. If you have in mind taking a well-deserved vacation in the Caribbean, then clearly you have thought about the Dominican Republic. In order to help you in your decision, we have created this list of six Caribbean paradises that you must visit this summer.


  1. Playa Bávaro

This is, without a doubt, one of the country’s best beaches. It stretches for more than one mile of fine white sand, turquoise water and endless palm trees. In addition, it has been selected as one of the best beaches in the world, according to the travel web Tripadvisor. This is the reason that on your Caribbean vacation you must see how the color of the sky changes to incredible shades of pink during sunset from Playa Bávaro.

  1. Taína Cave

These rocky outcroppings are a miracle of nature. The consist of impressive stalactites and stalagmites that extend throughout the length of the whole magical pathway. And so when you are going on a Caribbean getaway to the Dominican Republic, don’t miss out on a visit to Taína Cave, nor on the dances that are recreated on the inside. They are a unique sight!

  1. Visits to cacao and coffee fields

During your Caribbean vacation, you cannot forget to take a stroll through the cacao and coffee fields, smell the intense aroma of the beans during roasting, taste their delicious flavor and even discover some of their derivatives such as cacao oil or butter made 100% in the Dominican Republic.

  1. Discover “La Casa de María”

This is, without a doubt, an adventure only suitable for explorers. It will make your vacation in the Caribbean an unforgettable experience, because it means going to a house situated in the middle of the Dominican mountains that can only be reached in trucks or on foot. The best thing is that the trail has its final reward, because it will be María herself who shows you her home and lets you sample delicious freshly made coffee. Don’t forget to stroll through the fields she has planted and her pineapple garden.

  1. Isla Saona

This is probably one of the most heavenly places on earth, and a mandatory stop on the ideal vacation to the Caribbean. It is part of the Cotubanamá National Park (former Park of the East), and one of biggest islands of the Dominican Republic, and it features two villages: Mano Juan and Catuano. What do we recommend? Eat fresh grilled lobster while you enjoy the unbelievable panorama of white sand and intense turquoise waters. If you are staying at Hotel Barceló Bávaro Beach, you can discover the island with the tour of Isla Saona and Altos de Chavón.

  1. Hoyo Azul

For a dream day in paradise on earth, you must visit the natural lake of Hoyo Azul, located in Cap Cana, one of the spots that you just have to visit if you are going on vacation to the Caribbean. A cenote with the bluest waters that you have ever seen, where you can not only admire its beauty from outside but you can also go under its refreshing waters, which are only a few degrees below sea temperature, but at the ideal temperature for forgetting problems and relaxing.