Carol Peña, the photographer who would have been a mermaid

Carol Peña, the photographer who would have bee...

Carol Peña, the photographer who would have been a mermaid

If we had to make a list of the top three passions of this Instagrammer and art director, it would include traveling, images and the sea. Let’s go for a swim with her at the amazing Punta Cana.

Into the water with Carol Peña

a la vida le pido -muy- poco más.

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Carol Peña says that she would like to live by the sea, and we can confirm this. Her Instagram account (@Misshedwing), which has nearly 600,000 followers and serves as a window to her world, couldn’t define this wish any better. There is water everywhere along with perfect skies of the same tone as the sea, tubs with bubbles and crystal clear pools that I suspect hardly smell or taste of saltwater yet recreate that feeling of freedom the ocean gives us.

If there is one thing that this art director and photographer loves, it is to travel the world and put herself to the test in new situations. In her website profile she explains that at first she wanted to be a journalist so she could write and carry a camera, and also because this profession seems so cool in the movies. However, the world of advertising won her over and she decided to create her own agency, We are 33, alongside her partner Martín Pou. Travel, on the other hand, is something intrinsic in her that has remained unchanged: “The best thing is not knowing what awaits; in other words, getting away from my daily work routine in Madrid or Barcelona. I love arriving at a new destination where everything is a challenge since I am not familiar with the people or the language, but I enjoy seeing how I manage.”

Her latest destination was the Caribbean, specifically the Occidental Punta Cana hotel. She packed her suitcase with bathing suits, hats and an inflatable float since she would need little else for a few days in this paradise. Once there, and always with her camera in hand, she spent her time on important things like breakfast in bed (featuring coffee, croissants and exotic fruit), her favorite book, bubble baths and water activities at the hotel.

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