CHATA DE GALOCHA: Your family vacation in Mexico

Chata de Galocha: Your family vacation in Mexico

Chata de Galocha: Your family vacation in Mexico

If you’re a cool mom who loves to travel with her family (baby stroller included), then you should definitely follow the influencer Chata de Galocha. Born in Portugal, she adores fashion and travel, and boasts more than 641,000 Instagram followers. We sat down with her to learn more about one of her favorite destinations: Mexico.

Lu Ferreira, better known as Chata de Galocha, has her own blog in which she discusses fashion, beauty, family, food, travel and lifestyle. She also has YouTube channel in which she shares all of her recipes, trips and more.

When visiting Mexico, she stayed at the Barceló Maya Beach hotel where she was able to relax and enjoy all its comforts with her family: “Barceló Maya is perfect for family travel. It’s extremely practical for guests who want to spend the entire trip in the hotel without getting bored thanks to the extensive array of fun activities.”

Chata de Galocha at Barceló Maya Beach

Traveling has so much to offer! Aside from discovering different cultures, it strengthens family bonds and is the perfect way to get away from daily routines: “The thing I love the most about traveling is learning about different cultures and meeting new people. When visiting a new destination, I enjoy interacting with locals and understanding their way of life. I also like to try new things.”

There’s nothing like not planning every detail and just going with the flow. Not thinking about places to go and simply doing what appeals at the time. For our blogger, it’s important to stay at an all-inclusive hotel: “The resort is all inclusive. In addition to the buffet restaurant, there are a number of à la carte alternatives and specialties: Mexican, Italian, Japanese and more. A different experience each day!”

Chata de Galocha admits that she loves doing sports during a vacation. Why not release some adrenaline while enjoying the water? “Daytime activities vary. Aside from the beach, which is fantastic, guests can choose from several pools (check out the video!), water sports, shopping at the stores in the hotel, visiting the nearby resorts (there are five Barceló hotels right next to each other!), relaxing at the spa…”