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Destinations Canary Islands
This New Year: Eat the 12 Grapes in a Bikini
Picture your typical Christmas scene, snowflakes falling from the sky to the rhythm of carols and the entire family sitting around a table wearing winter sweaters.
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Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo: souvenirs to remember the Dominican Republic
Mementos to commemorate your time in the Dominican Republic. Some of the finest souvenirs you can buy to remember your visit to what was once the capital of the New World include precious stones, fine clothing, cigars and rum.
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Por qué se celebra Acción de Gracias
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Thanksgiving, from the pardoned turkey to the Macy’s parade
Thanksgiving is synonymous with the great Macy’s parade in New York, a big procession that runs along Broadway. Restaurants and hotels are already preparing to bid the year 2016 farewell with a bang by innovating on the concept of the cotillón, or New Year’s Eve Party.
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travelling alone
Dominican Republic
Traveling alone: singles week for solo travelers in the Caribbean
Traveling alone is the in thing: singles weeks and special plans for singles are gaining popularity. Upper-middle class women in the 35-to-50 age range looking for alternatives to the traditional travel packages for couples and families are the most likely solo travelers.
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Cómo se celebra el Día de muertos en México
Day of the Dead: how it’s celebrated in different parts of the world
Life and death, fact and fiction: this is the Day of the Dead, a holiday that has been celebrated in many cultures for centuries
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Destinations Balearic Islands
Spa on Majorca with brunch: time for sprunch in Spain!
The privileged location of the Balearic Islands means the coastline of this archipelago has some of the best beaches and natural monuments of the entire Mediterranean. But to find a relaxing moment, where better than a spa on Mallorca?
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5 places wine lovers won’t want to miss
So if you’re one of those people who gets excited when the grape-harvesting season approaches, don’t miss the chance to visit these places, which are recommended especially for wine lovers.
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Dominican Republic
Caribbean Explorer: Discover the true Caribbean through sugar cane fields
Everyone knows that blue is the color par excellance of the Caribbean beaches, but they also know that green is the new promise for summertime for those with an adventurous spirit.
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