Escape Blue Monday with these travel deals for destinations with plenty of light

The battle against Blue Monday 2018 begins with packing a suitcase and traveling to the destinations with the most light in the world

You may or may not have heard of this concept, but the fact is that many experts have noted that the third Monday in January is the saddest day of the year: Blue Monday. The term appeared in 2005 when the psychologist Cliff Arnal used a math formula that combines climate, debt level and the time transpired since Christmas to identify this as the odious date.  Science? Suggestion? There is no question that apathy is the overall state for many people after a vacation, and in this case it is combined with the added challenge of the post-Christmas budget crunch, the resolutions for the year ahead, the extra pounds gained over the holidays and an increasingly early sunset intertwined with waves of polar temperatures. But don’t despair because we have the perfect solution for the fight against Blue Monday: planning a fantastic trip to one of the brightest destinations in the world, where you will also be pampered like royalty. How about an all-inclusive resort in the Rivera Maya?  Pack your bags!

Blue Monday and the perfect antidote: traveling makes me happy

We are aware of the significant debts accumulated during a month of Christmas shopping and gifts, but we are also familiar with the best sales in all industries since January 8th and the online deals you have been waiting for in order to travel. Although the Blue Monday theory has its advocates and opponents, the post-Christmas syndrome is clearly evident on the faces of subway passengers as well as in the greetings between coworkers, the brutal traffic jams and the not-so-happy hours of the year. You can either sink into this spiral of sadness or take the necessary measures. What do we do best and enjoy the most? Planning a great trip, taking advantage of travel industry sales and discovering a destination that is bursting with light. Since it has been proven that travel makes us much happier, these are our tips for conquering Blue Monday with a smile.

A 93-mile stretch of Caribbean beach along the Yucatan Peninsula, between Puerto Morelos and Punta Allen, with more than 300 days of sunshine each year. This is the paradise that awaits in the Riviera Maya, along with a guaranteed day at the beach that is only interrupted by participating in water sports or going on a hike through the Xcaret eco-archaeological park, the undisputed star of your best photos.

Bathed by the Caribbean Sea, surrounded by lush nature and featuring the all-inclusive programs of the best resorts in Mexico, this is the time and place to forget about any trace of sadness.  To help you make up your mind, keep in mind that the average temperature in the region is 86 °F and that the official uniform is a swimsuit or bikini.In fact, the white-sand beaches of the Riviera Maya are a top pick for a vacation any time of year thanks to the climate and peaceful setting, in addition to the excellent service the local hotels are known for. Since relaxation is an essential part of the trip, resorts open the door to semi-private beaches, adventure plans and daytrips to towns in which to discover the local cuisine and handicrafts. Blue Monday simply does not exist here.

The country of rum and reedbeds has many appeals, from colonial cities that are World Heritage Sites to idyllic beaches. The long days of sun make the Dominican Republic the perfect destination for evading Blue Monday. Its shores are a paradise for kitesurfers thanks to the waves and strong winds. But if you’re one of those people who prefer to stay on dry land, you can choose from a long list of adventure sports, hiking or scuba diving in natural areas, or improving your swing at one of the local golf courses. Punta Cana, a hotspot for sun and relaxation, also offers direct access to the best beaches between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, such as El Cortecito, Arena Gorda and Bávaro Beach. The challenge lies in choosing!

There is no better formula against the saddest day of the year than to fill it with enriching experiences like traveling to different places and trying new things that erase all the grey shades of the new year and give us the drive we need to fullfil ur best resolutions for the new year