Four great new year’s resolutions for 2018 that you can actually follow through with

No more pipe-dreams! We will help you fulfill and enjoy your 2018 new year’s resolutions with exciting experiences, new passions, a refreshed outlook and many destinations to cross off your world map!

Another 365 days lie ahead for us to put into practice everything classified as future plans or, in the best of cases, as tentative. No more procrastinating. Your list of 2018 new year’s resolutions begins today and it looks like you will finally take control and enjoy the process of reaching your goals, one by one. Your resolutions never seemed as bright as this year, which promises exciting experiences, new passions, a refreshed outlook and many destinations to cross off your world map!

Our wish list for 2018 does not contain well-meaning ideas such as learning a foreign language, joining a gym, quitting smoking or shedding 15 pounds, although you have our full support for these goals. This list of new year’s resolutions is designed for a fuller and happier 2018. Sounds simple, right?.

The new year’s resolutions that should appear on your list for 2018

1. Pamper yourself more

You are hardly the only person who felt overwhelmed last year by the many commitments, projects, extra workloads and the uncomfortable feeling of always running late. So bring it down a notch. Kick off 2018 with a different approach, such as by taking better care of yourself and finding time to relax on a daily basis. As part of this new attitude, how about a getaway to a place where your only concern is to have fun and rest your body and mind? Yes, we’re talking about a spa.

There are no more excuses for putting off the relaxing getaway you deserve and that will help you begin the new year with a reinvigorated sensation. If your resolutions also include getting in shape or losing weight, allow us to remind you that many thermal and massage treatments focus precisely on releasing toxins and tightening the body. These types of services are available at the largest thalassotherapy center in Andalusia, the Occidental Estepona Thalasso Spa - Adults Only, with the tranquility of an adults-only hotel in an exclusive location, right in the heart of Málaga's “golden mile”.

Another wellness destination can be found further up the coast with the guaranteed peacefulness of this time of year: Alicante. This popular summer hotspot boasts plenty of sun, even in the early months of 2018, as well as the delicious culinary offering of the Mediterranean coast. It also features the best spa centers that happen to include an innovative Thai treatment for spiritual and physical well-being in a luxurious five-star setting.

If in addition to thermal treatments you also want the option of laying under the sun on a beach, then the Canary Islands are your ideal destination. One of the most impressive islands in terms of its landscapes and outdoor activities is Fuerteventura, which is home to the only thalasso center at Caleta de Fuste, a quiet bay where guests can take a break from everything. If your budget is flexible, why not discover a piece of the Netherlands in the Caribbean? The island of Aruba is famous for its many sports and leisure alternatives, especially near Palm Beach, where relaxation and wellness have become a lifestyle.

2. Become more sustainable in 2018

If you recycle paper, glass and plastic; you read the labels of everything you purchase; and public transportation and bicycles have been your best allies for some time (or they will be after this list of 2018 new year’s resolutions), then you’re definitely on the eco-friendly side of life. But there’s more! Are you interested in diving into the world of sustainable tourism? Here is the perfect option for people who love the environment, with destinations in Spain and throughout the world.

In fact, Lanzarote has been named Spain’s most eco-friendly tourism destination. Aside from being a biosphere reserve and housing Timanfaya National Park, it also holds the Biosphere Responsible Tourism certificate that rewards the island’s efforts in the conservation and sustainable use of its incredible natural resources, bathed by the sun and the pleasant year-round temperatures.

Another ecological paradise that can be found in Spain’s archipelagoes is the Maritime-Terrestrial National Park of the Cabrera Archipelago, located in Majorca. This destination has turned to sustainable tourism by limiting the number of people who may visit its treasured underwater world, but with the guarantee of enjoying natural beauty in its purest state. The peninsula is also home to one of the most appealing eco-friendly destinations for 2018, and this one does not require a plane ticket: El Pueyo de Araguás, in Huesca. These 11 small villages with approximately 165 residents are located near Ordesa Park and the Boltaña Monastery, where stress and pollution simply do not exist.

3. Make time to cross the Atlantic or squeeze the most out of weekends

If you have never been to Latin America, this year may be the perfect time to give yourself a treat. Regardless of when you go, sharp contrasts are guaranteed since the seasons are the opposite or the temperatures are always warm. This is great for people looking to take a break from Europe’s winter storms.

The Dominican Republic is always a favorite destination thanks to its cultural and leisure alternatives, delicious food and idyllic beaches, from Bávaro Beach to Punta Cana. The first settlement of Spanish colonists in the New World awaits your arrival in 2018 to show you what it means to live in paradise. No matter what type of trip you are planning—adventure, outdoor sports, historical routes and monuments, culinary tours, or sun and beaches—, the Dominican Republic has everything you could ever want.

If you are already in Latin America, then your 2018 resolutions probably include making the most of weekends. In fact, recent surveys carried out by tour operators show that 49% of Mexican residents love to visit the nation’s magical towns when they are unable to make their way to Cancún, Riviera Maya or Cozumel Island for some fun under the sun. Be sure to plan weekend getaways to nearby destinations like Cuernavaca, Puebla and Manzanillo, and discover the most authentic side of Mexico.

4. New year in 2018 or start enjoying business travel

If you are lucky enough to have a job that requires travel, then start making the most of business trips that could unveil the charms of destinations you never considered in the past. You can’t spend the day lounging on the beach if you have a conference in Ibiza, but you can squeeze in a tour of the Ciutadella, visit the marina, enjoy a golf outing or shop at the hippie markets throughout the island.

Italy is one of the most popular destinations for business travel because it hosts a number of international trade shows that bring thousands of visitors dressed in suits to the convention centers in Rome and Milan. It goes without saying that a business trip to either of these cities should also include time for sightseeing at the monuments in the triangle made up by the Coliseum, the Piazza del Popolo and the Vatican, or through the fashion district and the Piazza del Duomo that define Milan’s landscapes. Experience business travel destinations like a local and make work enjoyable in 2018.