Francesco Carrozzini at Royal Hideaway Formentor

Francesco Carrozzini, photographer, film maker and son of Franca Sozzani, former editor-in-chief of Italian Vogue, visits Royal Hideaway Formentor for its new brand campaign.

Certain hotels are so exquisite that they grace us with memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. A conversation, shared laughter, a hug or a gaze are the magical situations that make staying at Royal Hideaway Luxury Hotels & Resorts so special and also show that true luxury is experiential.

These emotions that guests feel are the inspiration behind the brand’s latest campaign, in which the renowned photographer and film maker, Francesco Carrozzini, captures real-life moments involving guests to convey the impeccable nature of the brand with a cinematographic halo resembling stills from a great film. This code steers clear of an advertising approach and adds history, reality and immersive experiences.

 This latest campaign for Royal Hideaway presents a new image featuring an artistic interpretation of ‘The art of fine moments’ theme, conveyed through the guests that are immortalised by Carrozzini's lens with the aim of personifying the extraordinary and incomparable experiences available at the brand’s hotels.

“Who wouldn’t want to enjoy special moments at a place like this? All the moments I captured as part of the Royal Hideaway campaign are authentic and real, just like the protagonists”. These words from Francesco Carrozzini refer to the setting chosen for the campaign: Formentor, a Royal Hideaway Hotel. This iconic establishment forms part of Mallorca’s history and can be found in one of the island’s most beautiful areas. Overlooking Formentor Beach, it has been a favourite getaway for novelists, poets and musicians in search of inspiration for their work. The location perfectly represents Royal Hideaway's bond with art and culture.

Francesco Carrozzini uses the expertise of the Barceló Hotel Group and the importance it gives to Royal Hideaway guests, making them the protagonists of an inspirational communication campaign that addresses the brand’s strong expansion and reinforces its concept of ‘The art of fine moments.’ This idea translates into hotels that are an experience in themselves, with exceptional locations that showcase the unique aspects of the destination and confirm the company’s customer-centric approach, in which the true luxury is for guests to enjoy unforgettable moments at its establishments.

The artist: Francesco Carrozzini

“Defining moments are always the little things that happen without being planned in advance”. This is how Francesco Carrozzini describes the spontaneity reflected in those intimate moments that comprise the Royal Hideaway campaign. Unique and special instants that exude elegance and the cultural bond that sets all the hotels apart, and that could only be captured by a storyteller and the son of the renowned editor of Vogue Italy, Franca Sozzani.

As a photographer who grew up behind the scenes of the fashion world, taking snapshots of actors, musicians and artists, he is also a curious traveller and a natural symbol of Royal Hideaway’s values: artistic inquisitiveness, discretion, elegance, history and family roots. These attributes also define the five photos used in the campaign, with powerful imagery and cinematographic inspiration. They speak for themselves and stray from the traditional aesthetic that is regularly seen in the hotel industry.

As an icon of the new generation of the most legendary artists, Francesco has directed several audio-visual projects that were nominated at international events, including the Venice and Cannes film festivals, and his photographs have appeared on the covers of the most important fashion magazines.

Keen to explore the works of Francesco Carrozzini? Check out his Instagram @francescocarrozzini

Formentor, a Royal Hideaway Hotel

Nestled in a beautiful location in Port de Pollença on the world-famous Formentor headland, Formentor, a Royal Hideaway Hotel is the perfect place for a few days of relaxation.

Its rooms and villas stand out through their elegance, light and comfort in addition to the exclusive views of the Mediterranean or mountains. Without losing the real essence of Mallorca, they stand out for their classic and select interior design.

Explore its outstanding facilities and services and discover why this is the hottest destination in Port de Pollença.


Formentor, a Royal Hideaway Hotel offers a remarkable range of restaurants, delivering the finest of food. Located on the seafront amidst a refreshing ocean breeze, La Veranda restaurant boasts a large terrace and combines an extensive range of dishes with quality artisanal products. Also on the beachfront, Platja Mar specialises in Mediterranean cuisine and is a must-visit if you’re keen to indulge in fresh meat or fish cooked right in front of you in a wonderfully decorated buffet. Considered one of the best restaurants on the island, El Pi lies opposite the swimming pool and is a delight for the senses, serving both classical cuisine and more creative dishes. L’Illa Piano Bar sits at garden level in an idyllic location where you can enjoy snacks and sit back and unwind whilst the piano plays throughout the evening. There are an additional two restaurants around the hotel, both offering an excellent dining options with impeccable service.

Swimming pools and outdoor areas

The Formentor, a Royal Hideaway Hotel is in a privileged setting with magnificent views of the crystalline Mediterranean Sea. Surrounded by landscaped gardens at the foot of the Tramuntana mountains, this spot is the perfect place to disconnect from your daily routine and surround yourself in pure nature, all in a setting with a Mediterranean feel. Unwind by taking a short stroll through the lush gardens, swimming in the outdoor pool or basking in the sunshine on the outdoor terrace. The hotel also offers direct access to one of the best beaches on the island, where you can find hammocks and sun shades available for hire.

The hotel also has a new space featuring Balinese Cabins, inspired by the concept of pool cabanas from the Caribbean. Each one includes a private area with a Balinese bed and hot tub, plus a small garden with a shower, bath and minibar. Each cabin provides you with your own private paradise, with the opportunity to indulge in an authentic Thai massage given by a Thai therapist.


Due to its privileged location on the north coast of the island, the hotel offers a spectacular variety of water sports to keep thrill seekers entertained. The hotel’s surrounding area if also perfect for hiking where you can lose yourself along its paths and trails while enjoying the sea breeze. With a miniature golf course as well as tennis courts, the hotel is the perfect battle field for some family fun.