Spanish Caviar: The Other Luxury Iberian Product

Spanish Caviar: The Other Luxury Iberian Product

Exclusive, select, served with nacre spoons to keep its essence and in very small portions in order to truly experience its taste: there are only a handful of products so typical of large celebrations (Christmas, for example) such as caviar, those delicious eggs of sturgeons caught mainly in the waters of the Caspian Sea.

We normally associate caviar to countries such as Azerbaijan, Iran and Russia. However, caviar has been produced, and is still being produced in Spain and -not because we say so- it has a very good reputation. Currently, caviar in Spain is being produced in two fish farms, in two locations of the Iberian Peninsula, the Pyrenees and Grenada, which are distant from each other but that share common elements: natural, pure and crystal-clear water, a protected environment and a traditional process.


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The Caviar Nacarii fish farms ( are located in the idyllic environment of the Pyrenees, at the source of the Garona River, in the region of Les, within the famous valley of Arán of Lerida. The water where the Siberian sturgeons (the subspecies that better adapts to this weather) swim as they please is meltwater, which is a synonym of absolute purity.

The way in which fish are cared for, with low fish density in the pool, biological feeding and the traditional process, which follows techniques established by Iranian masters (simply adding 3-4% of salt to the total without adding any preservatives), is the key to achieve its exceptional quality.

If besides tasting this delicacy, you would like to visit the place where the sturgeons are bred and learn about the manufacturing process of Spanish caviar, you can take a tour around the fish farm facility accompanied by the biologist in charge of the process. After said tour, you will be invited to a caviar tasting, which includes a glass of Cava wine.

Grenada is the other refuge of Spanish caviar. With more than half a century of experience breeding fish, Caviar Riofrío is the first company with ecological certification to produce Caviar.  It works with the same variety, the A. naccarii, which lives in the waters of a spring that emanates from the Sierra de Loja. This species used to inhabit the Guadalquivir River and used to be endangered.

The predominant characteristics of this brand are that they use females with 16 years of offspring (doubling most caviars) and the variety of its production: besides presenting its product in the classic cans, Caviar Riofrío is sold in caviar dice or cubes, perfect for cocktails; in caviar extract, a kind of spice to season meals; and pure caviar to sprinkle over dishes, used in Haute Cuisine.

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