Celebrate World Friendship Day by booking the ultimate girls' holiday

You couldn't survive without your best friends, so now's the time to book in a girls' getaway with them. A few ideas for the ultimate girls' holiday.

Tuesday 30th July is World Friendship Day. And in our book, that’s the perfect excuse for booking the perfect girls’ holiday.

When was the last time you spent proper, quality time with your best friends? With our busy, modern lives, we often find ourselves neglecting the women that we love the most.

We’ve got so much going on that we struggle to find the time to dedicate to our friends, even if we live in the same area.

And if life has taken us all to different corners of the country, or even the globe, then we might only spend a few days a year in the company of our best girlfriends, even if we do WhatsApp relentlessly every single day.

You might have been on lots of girls’ getaways in the past and are looking to shake things up by finding somewhere new to go.

Or you may never have got around to organising a girls-only holiday before and are in search of a few tips to make sure the girls’ trip you have in mind is the perfect break.

Either way, this is the place for you. We’re going to start with a few tips for girls’ holiday destinations, and round things off with some tried and tested advice for organising the perfect holiday with your main girls.

Inspiration for destinations for your girls’ holiday

What really makes any holiday with your best friends is the joy of their company. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t also help to pick a fabulous girls’ destination. Here are just a handful of suggestions.

A long girls’ weekend away in Barcelona

Barcelona is a classic for a girls’ holiday at any time of year. In the summer, you can mix beach sessions with rooftop bars and tapas. And, during the rest of the year, you can indulge your cultural side, discovering the historic centre of the city, and maybe even splash out with a bit of retail therapy.

There’s so much to do here that it’s the kind of place where you all might want to do your own thing during the day, coming back together in the evenings for dinner, drinks and giggles.

A girls’ trip to the Canary Islands

If it’s winter sun you’re in search of, then look no further than these stunning islands, part of Spain but not far off the coast of Morocco, and with a balmy climate all year round.

There’s something for everyone here, so whether you’re after a fully-equipped resort or a quiet spot for a girls’ retreat, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

The best city breaks for girls: Prague

If you’re all culture vultures and love spending your holidays pounding the streets of a city, then Prague is a fantastic option. It’s beautiful, it’s relatively cheap, and there’s a huge amount to see, making it the perfect girls’ city break.

For a relaxing girls’ holiday, you could opt for a staycation

Whilst it’s exciting to jet off for pastures new in the company of your best friends, I’m sure there are plenty of corners of the UK that you’re yet to explore.

Why not organise a girls’ retreat to a rural cottage in Cornwall, Scotland or Wales and spend real quality time together, without all the distractions of a holiday abroad?

Tips for organising the best girls’ getaways

Much as you all love each other and are delighted to have a chance to actually see one another, when you’re on holiday things don’t always go to plan. There’s always going to be a disagreement of some kind when you’re on a girls’ holiday, it’s just par for the course.

We all have different ideas about what makes the perfect holiday, and you all probably have very different personalities and ways of dealing with tricky situations. Plus, when you’ve all spent a lot of money on a trip, it’s easy for tempers to fray.

But there are plenty of things you can do to make sure your girls’ weekend away, or week away, is as harmonious and relaxed as possible.

Discuss the budget for your girly trip in advance

Money is one of the main things that causes disagreements on a girls’ weekend or week away. You’re all earning different salaries and have different perspectives on what’s worth spending money on.

The key is to be open and honest from the beginning, discussing a budget that you’re all on board with.

Delegate some of the organisation of your girls-only trip

Even if you’ve taken charge of things, you shouldn’t be doing all the work. And neither should anyone else. You’re all going on this holiday, so you all need to contribute. That way, you all feel involved, and no one feels overwhelmed or left out.

Don’t plan every second of your girls’ retreat

Planning and research are all well and good, but whatever you do, make sure you plan for some downtime, too. You’re meant to be on holiday, so you don’t need a strict itinerary to stick to. Having lots of ideas for activities is great but give everyone a chance to have a rest and do their own thing, and you’ll all be much more content.

On a girls’ getaway, be prepared to compromise

You’ve made the decision to come on a group holiday so that you can spend time with your best friends, but you can’t expect everything to go your way. Listen to your mates and ask them what they want to do, then do it with a smile on your face.

If you want to be totally in charge of what your holiday looks like, take a solo holiday instead.

Establish a few ground rules to ensure you have the perfect girls’ trip

Before you leave, get clear on what’s okay and what’s not. Talk about bringing people back to your accommodation, where everyone’s going to sleep, how you’re going to split costs, etc. Make sure you’re all on the same page about looking out for each other and communicating, so that you all stay safe.

With that all sorted, you can happily pack for the perfect girls’ holiday and enjoy the best time with the women in your life.