Travel Influencer Katerina Stavreva’s Ultimate Dominican Getaway

Travel influencer and Instagram sensation Katerina Stavreva recently experienced the ultimate Dominican getaway at Barceló Bávaro Grand Resort.

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Travel influencer and Instagram sensation Katerina Stavreva recently experienced the ultimate Dominican getaway at the all inclusive Barceló Bávaro Grand Resort – comprised of the Barceló Bávaro Palace and the adults-only Barceló Bávaro Beach. We asked her a little about her adventures at the resort.

What makes Barceló Bávaro Grand Resort – and the Bávaro region in general – a great spot for a best friends getaway?

Katerina Stavreva: Barceló Bávaro is just such a fun place! There is something for everyone and you can never get bored. The beach is one of the most beautiful I've seen, some of the pool areas are designed for you to meet people and be social and in others you can just sit quietly and read a book. There are so many entertainment options and other ways to keep busy, too —water sports, Zumba classes, bowling, escape rooms ... The best part is that you can really just spend your entire vacation at the resort and still do something different every day, which is a great way to relax and not think about planning every day of your trip.


During your stay at Barceló Bávaro Grand Resort, what was the most photo-worthy spot you encountered?

Katerina Stavreva: The beach was my favorite part just because of the clear turquoise color of the water and the powdery white sand. I travel to exotic beaches for a living and this was one of the most striking ones I've seen. And as an added bonus, the tall palm trees make it so relaxing and calm. I also loved photographing the infinity pool at the second level of Bávaro Palace. The view of the resort and beach is amazing from up there and it was never crowded.

What was the most adventurous thing you did during your stay? And how did you relax afterwards?

Katerina Stavreva: We tried wind surfing! There were so many water sports to choose from and wind surfing felt like it would be the most fun. But it was definitely pretty exhausting and not as easy as it looks! We relaxed by the beach afterwards with some books and a nap.


What was the best thing you ate or drank at Barceló Bávaro Grand Resort?

Katerina Stavreva: My favorite thing about the food was the desserts. The best part about staying at an all-inclusive resort is that you don't need to commit to just one dessert per meal — you can try everything! For some of the meals we actually loved visiting a few restaurants just to try a lot of different desserts.

What tips would you give anyone traveling to Barceló Bávaro Grand Resort?

Katerina Stavreva: Just bring a lot of sunscreen and don't make too many plans!Follow Katerina’s further adventures at and get inspired for your own Dominican getaway at