Maujl, the most idyllic photo of Aruba

Mauricio Leyva, one of the best influencers for Caribbean trips will guide you through Aruba with his photos. Discover the favorite places of this lifestyle blogger who loves to explore and travel.

Mauricio Leyva, better known as Maujl on social media, is a Caribbean lifestyle blogger who loves to explore and travel. He describes himself as lively, adventurous and daring because he never misses a chance to discover the world. Only 19 years of age, he already has more than 7,000 followers on Instagram, where he shares most of the photos from every trip he takes.

Photography is Maujl’s greatest passion, which is why he created a blog that has become a place in which he shares his creations and ideas. This space contains unique photos with an array of themes that always illustrate the destination in question. His work includes photos of Aruba (his native country), portraits, idyllic landscapes and artistic shots with a great story behind them.

In one of his latest adventures, he decided to spend several unforgettable days in the paradise of Aruba at the beachfront Barceló Aruba hotel.

Unforgettable days near the best beach in Aruba, by Maujl

One of Maujl’s talents is knowing how to enjoy every moment. The fact that he was born in Aruba means that he is intimately familiar with the country and its landscapes, beaches, colors and unique flavors. However, in this adventure, Maujl wanted to go with the flow and try new things. To do this, he made the most of his week at the hotel and took advantage of its facilities: pools, high-quality cuisine, tours and more.

Since the Barceló Aruba hotel is perfect for water sports, Maujl didn’t hesitate to go sailing and scuba diving in the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. He visited the wreckage of the SS Antilla, which sunk during World War II. This vessel is one of the largest shipwrecks in the Caribbean as well as an enigmatic spot for daytime or evening immersions. This is, without a doubt, a unique place for scuba diving enthusiasts.

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Fisherman’s Hut Beach is just a stone’s throw from the hotel. Here, Maujl decided to relax and unwind under the palm trees as he enjoyed the warm, gentle breeze. This beach is perfect for windsurfing or kitesurfing since the currents are fairly weak.

Aruba is a destination that leaves an impression since it boasts one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean and also because, as Maujl was able to confirm, the local food is delicious. Like a good foodie, he made sure to try all the international and local restaurants at the hotel. He also explored the island on an ATV to reach every hidden corner for guaranteed adventure.

Maujl believes that it’s important to unwind and relax while on vacation. He tried everything the resort has to offer, including the wellness area that also features in-room massages. In addition, the blogger enjoyed walks on the white-sand beach to take in the amazing sunsets.

Maujl confesses that a favorite outing during his vacation was a daytrip to Arikok National Park, where he and his friends took jeeps to one of the most authentic deserts in Aruba. This tour, which was organized by the hotel, features two routes: one to visit the natural pool and another to explore the Fonte and Qiadarikiri caves. “This lovely experience was fantastic for taking amazing photos.

”A 4x4 vehicle, ATV or buggy is needed to reach Arikok National Park, which is also home to dunes, rupestrian paintings, windmills and a beach where turtles can be seen laying their eggs.