Inside Christian LeBlanc’s backpack

This Canadian influencer shares his adventure of traveling the world. Armed with a camera and a backpack, he travels the world with the single aim of exploring it.

Christian Le Blanc, influencer de viajes

Christian LeBlanc, originally from Canada, had a very clear goal: he wanted to experience his own adventure. Armed with a camera and a backpack, he travels the world with the single aim of exploring it.

“If you follow your dreams, success is guaranteed”

What started out as a game has become his way of life. When the Canadian influencer, YouTuber and blogger Christian LeBlanc opened his Instagram account, he only had 500 followers, although this number has since jumped to more than 150,000. In addition, thanks to his “Lost LeBlanc” blog and under the brand “Get Lost”, he has created his own clothing and merchandising line.

The decision to leave his hometown and steady job marked the beginning of a new and exciting nomad life that appeals to many but is only carried out by a few. He packed a drone in his bag and set off on the adventure of traveling and filming everything in order to share his experiences. Indonesia, Panama, the Maldives and many other countries and remote destinations that people dream of when it’s time to plan a vacation. “It was the best decision of my life,” states the YouTuber. He adds, “If you follow your dreams, success is guaranteed.”

This past May, LeBlanc and his partner traveled to Punta Cana, which has since become one of their favorite destinations. “When you travel, you have the chance to experience countless new things. If you simply sit around doing the same things as the rest of the year, then what is the point of traveling?” the Canadian asks aloud.

The hotel Occidental Punta Cana was selected by LeBlanc for their Caribbean adventure. Overlooking the stunning Bávaro Beach, they enjoyed the sun and of course also tried all sorts of sports activities on land and in the water, such as the alternatives available at Bávaro Adventure Park (about a kilometer from the hotel) that included Air Emotion and exploring the island on 4x4 ATVs.

Back on the sand, they played beach volley ball and went scuba diving to discover the secrets of the underwater world. “Traveling is a great opportunity to do different activities, try new foods and experience other cultures.” This sentence perfectly defines LeBlanc’s life.