Mallorca walking holidays: Uncover the secret side of Mallorca

There is more to Mallorca than beer and white sand beaches. This Mediterranean enclave is home to the most spectacular scenery that is best enjoyed on foot. So grab your hiking boots and get exploring

It is easy to think that once you have seen one Balearic Island, you have seen them all, right? Wrong. While it is easy to think of the Balearics as nothing more than paper white sandy beaches and sleepy, sun-drenched towns, one island stands out from the crowd. Mallorca or Majorca as it is often referred to is a famous Brits abroad destination. But, in recent years it has worked hard to shake off the unfair cultural stereotypes and now, people are finally starting to take notice of its outstanding natural beauty. So much so, that Mallorca walking holidays are by far becoming the holiday of choice for those wanting a luxurious encounter with nature. So if your curiosity is getting the better of you and you yearn to discover the real Mallorca, read on to discover one of the best walking routes on the island.

Begin your Mallorca walking holidays in Puerto Sóller

Located in the valley of the oranges and framed by the majestic Tramuntana mountain range, Puerto Sóller is a bustling hotspot on the island. Take time to watch the boats come and go before heading along the coastline to Cala de Deià where a paddle in the rich, turquoise waters is highly recommended. After a refreshing dip, enjoy a spot of Serra de Tramuntana hiking and head towards the town of Deià, one of the most beautiful places in Mallorca. 

Deià has even served as inspiration for creatives such as Picasso, Robert Graves and Frederic Chopin

Journey across snaking mountain pathways and old mountainside tracks and take in the impressive coastal views of the Mediterranean pine forests. Feel inspired by the relaxing nature of this town and if you fancy exploring, check out local landmarks such as Son Marroig or if the dates coincide, the International Chamber Music Festival is certainly not to be missed. 

Deià is a great place to stay for your Mallorca walking holidays

Mallorca Walking: Sóller and beyond

Say Adios to Deià as you lace up your hiking boots and take the tram to the mountain town of Sóller. From here, enjoy one of the best walks in Mallorca. The Pilgrim’s Steps. This magical route takes you on a cobbled footpath journey from the rural village of Biniaraitx to the lookout of Mirador den Quesada. The awe-inspiring views across the ‘Cornadors’ are not something you would easily find advertised in the tourist brochures but for those willing to climb the 957 metres, it offers a fabulous visual reward. The descent also offers tantalising views across fields and forests, shining a light on the under-the-radar beauty of this Balearic Island. On your return to Sóller, hunt down one of the stylish watering holes and rest weary limbs as you take in the sights and sounds of local life. 

Mallorca walking routes from Sóller

Take advantage of the peace and tranquillity of Sóller to rest and build up energy for the upcoming hiking trails Mallorca has to offer. But, if sitting still starts to make you anxious to venture out of the town to explore neighbouring towns such as the picture-postcard Valldemossa or the bustling city of Palma. 

Take part in a free walking tour of Palma or visit the historic cathedral before browsing in one of the city’s trendy boutiques

Of course, if you do visit Palma on your Mallorca walking holidays, you must travel on the little wooden train between Sóller and Palma at least once - for a truly local experience. 

Vist the island’s capital, Palma while on your Mallorca walking holidays

Mallorca hiking: From mountains to calas

Mallorca is an island of contrasts and this is something you will soon realise while on your Mallorca walking holidays. Leave behind the sparkling seaside town of Puerto Sóller and follow the winding footpaths that lead you through Coll de Moncaire towards the mountain region of Coll de Biniamar where you will find the coastal path of Sa Costera. Marvel and the enchanting beauty that unfolds with every step and you can see why this route has been voted by locals and travellers alike as being one of the best coastal walks Mallorca has to offer. Continue on the path until you reach Cala Tuent, a secluded cove, and one of the best beaches in Mallorca. With salty skin and sandy hair, the walking continues along the Sa Calobra road towards the famous landmark of Lluc Monastery. 

Discover the Lluc Monastery on your Mallorca walking holidays

Discover the Sa Calobra hike to the Lluc Monastery

The Sa Calobra road is not to be missed when enjoying your Mallorca walking holidays. This beautiful road takes you on a journey to one of the most famous places in Mallorca, the Lluc Monastery. A religious pilgrimage for some and a fantastic way to learn about Mallorca’s heritage for others, the Lluc Monastery is the first monastery in the Balearic Islands dedicated entirely to the Virgin of Lluc, the patron saint of Mallorca. 

The name Lluc was translated by the Romans as “sacred forest” which is apt considering that the surroundings are cloaked by spectacular oak forests

Pass by imposing rock formations, and storybook forests and if you have time and energy, enjoy one of the circular hikes Mallorca has to offer - Muleta de Binifaldo. This route takes you around the monastery itself and is a great way to connect with the natural beauty of the island.

Trekking in Mallorca: Puig d’en Galileu

Now that you have limbered up and have got to grips with the Mallorcan terrain it is time to conquer one of the highest peaks on the island. Puig d’en Galileu. This route is considered by serious hikers as one of the best hiking trails Mallorca offers. A world away from the Lluc Monastery walk, this walk is set to push you to your limits with an ascent of 1,181 metres. As dizzying as that sounds, as long as you plan, the challenge is pretty attainable. Breathe in the undeniable beauty of this Balearic Island once you make it to the top and as a treat, book yourself into one of the island’s top all-inclusive resort hotels to be pampered from head to toe after your Mallorca walking holidays come to an end.