Family holidays in Mogán, Gran Canaria: Priscilla Betancort

Discover how to plan the very best family holidays in Mogán, Gran Canaria thanks to Priscilla Betancort, who travelled with her partner and young son.

When you’re planning a family holiday in Spain, there’s nothing better than getting advice from someone who’s been there before you, so that you can get all the inside information on the best places to go and the best things to do.

Luckily, Priscilla Betancort headed for Mogán, Gran Canaria and the surrounding area with her partner and young son, and shared all her top tips with us. So, grab a pen and paper, and make a note of all the sensational places you should prioritise on your next Gran Canaria family holidays.

Start your family holiday in Mog án, Gran Canaria

Puerto de Mogán is a picture-perfect resort and fishing village in the south-west corner of Gran Canaria, not too far from popular places to stay like Playa del Inglés, which some consider to be the best resort in Gran Canaria for families. The village of Puerto de Mogán, Gran Canaria is the perfect place for taking a relaxed stroll around the picturesque streets and along the waterfront, and there are plenty of family-friendly places to eat here.

From the port, you can go out on organised whale watching trips, depending on the time of year, which is one of the best things to do with kids in Gran Canaria if you’re travelling with slightly older children. The beautiful area surrounding Mogán, Gran Canaria is also perfect for hiking with kids, if you’re feeling energetic and want your children to get in touch with nature.

Visit the Maspalomas sand dunes

No list of what to see in Gran Canaria would be complete without a mention of the famous Maspalomas coastal sand dunes. Incredibly, they’ve been a protected natural space since way back in 1897. They take up 100 acres, and although the sand didn’t actually blow across from the Sahara Desert (as some people think), they’re still pretty magical.

They were actually formed after the last Ice Age, with the sand washing up from the bottom of the ocean. Amazingly, they’re still moving today, at a rate of two to five metres a year. They’re the perfect place to take a walk, and kids will just love the chance to run or roll down them and get nice and sandy. You can always wash the sand off in the ocean at the beach that borders the sand dunes.

Don’t miss the Maspalomas lighthouse

Whilst you’re visiting the coastal dunes, you can’t miss the beautiful Maspalomas beach lighthouse. Take a stroll out along the oceanfront to the working lighthouse, which stands 56 m tall. Look out to sea and see if you can spot any whales or dolphins, then enjoy the great restaurants and shops that you’ll find in the area.

Visit Pasito Blanco, Gran Canaria

When you’re on holidays in Gran Canaria with children, you’ll be on the lookout for good places to swim where you don’t need to worry about waves. Priscilla Betancort and her family found just that at Pasito Blanco, where they took a dip in the calm, protected waters of the harbour.

Access is technically restricted as there’s a private marina here, but the beach is open to everyone, so you can just park outside the marina gates. You can also drive in if you eat at the La Punta restaurant.  Here’s some more information about getting to this wonderfully quiet, sheltered spot, which is practically like having a private beach to yourself.

Don’t leave Meloneras, Gran Canaria off your list

Last but most definitely not least is another spot you have to visit on your family holiday to Gran Canaria. This is where Priscilla Betancort and her family sat and enjoyed an ice cream on the beautiful promenade, which stretches for an impressive 2 km in total. This is a fantastic place for any members of the family who love to shop, as there are several shopping centres where you’ll find all the big brands.

Treat the family to a meal with sea views at one of the many fantastic restaurants in the area. Even if the kids haven’t learned to like seafood yet, they’ll be happy with chips, and you’ll love indulging in the incredible fresh produce, fished directly out of the Atlantic Ocean.

Relax and enjoy your family holidays in Gran Canaria

Follow Priscilla’s example and spend your time on Gran Canaria enjoying the incredibly mild climate, and just taking things slowly, enjoying spending time together. There are countless beaches to be discovered, and all kinds of natural scenery for you to explore with your little ones. Whatever the time of year, treat your family to a holiday in Mogán, Gran Canaria, or anywhere on this sensational volcanic island.