October half term 2019: the best autumn sunshine with kids

October half term 2019: autumn sunshine with kids

October half term 2019: autumn sunshine with kids

We know it feels like the summer holidays only finished minutes ago, but October half term 2019 is already upon us. The autumn term always flies by at an alarming rate, and before we know it, it’ll be Christmas.

But the half term holidays are also always a wonderful moment to take a breather and recharge your batteries ready for the final push to the end of the year.

And, they’re a fantastic opportunity to escape for some autumn sunshine before the worst of the winter is upon us. A great top up of vitamin D to help us push through till spring.

Lots of people go on October half term holidays abroad because they’re often cheaper than going away during the summer. They want to enjoy the Great British summer whilst it lasts, just in case it happens to be a good one, and on top of that they don’t fancy crowded beach resorts during peak season.

Essentially, heading for the sun at this time of year is an excellent idea if you prefer to avoid the summer crowds and save money, but still can’t survive the cold months without little bit of southern winter sunshine to get you through.

Sound tempting? It might be a little late to get yourself organised for the October half term holidays 2019, but file these suggestions for the best places to visit in autumn away for this time next year.

The best places to visit in October half term 2019

Read on for our suggestions for top spots to visit during October half term. As you only have a week available, we’ve kept most of our suggestions within Europe, with one slightly more exotic location thrown in.

Fly south to the Canary Islands for October half term

The Canary Islands are one of those destinations that are perfect all year round, but autumn is an especially good time to pay them a visit.

For starters, you can often get your hands on half term deals that would be much pricier during the summer months.

But it’s not just the prices that should draw you here.

Temperatures might be plummeting back home, but in the Canary Islands things stay balmy all year round. At this time of year, the average high is 26 degrees, with a low of 20 degrees, making the archipelago ideal for October half term family holidays.

There’s something for everyone here. You can choose between a holiday spent playing on the beach and one spent discovering incredible volcanic landscapes, or a bit of both. The kids will love the sunshine and the activities, and you’ll love the local cuisine and wines.

Andalusia, Spain, is one of the best places to go in autumn

If you like the sound of getting a taste of Spain during October half term 2019 but don’t want to go quite as far as the Canaries, then the south of Spain is the place for you.

The average daytime temperature is still a balmy 26 degrees, but it is true that temperatures can dip a little more at night, with an average of 14 degrees. It’ll be a little warmer on the coast at night, and cooler if you head inland or up into the beautiful mountains around here.

If you want to treat your family to some half term sun with a dose of culture, then there are plenty of fascinating cities for you to discover in Andalusia. Granada, Cordoba, Seville and Cadiz all have long, interesting histories, lots of beautiful sights to see and fun to be had, and plenty of good food.

If it’s the beach you’re after, then you’ve got plenty of choice too. Cabo de Gata, in the east, is a land of contrasts, perfect for the ultimate relaxation time. The Costa del Sol is fantastic for families looking for plenty to keep them occupied, and the lesser-known Costa de la Luz is dramatic and varied.

Autumn half term breaks in Italy

Autumn is the perfect time of year to enjoy the delights of Italy. From discovering what pizza was originally meant to taste like in Naples to unlocking the magic of Rome, there’s something for everyone. Get lost in the hills of Tuscany or wander the beautiful Cinque Terre fishing villages.

Italy is perfect for parents who want their kids to discover bucketloads of culture on holiday, as well as enjoying the sunshine.

Dubai is one of the best autumn travel destinations

If you want your October half term 2019 to take you a little further afield, then why not look to Dubai?

Dubai is perfect for families looking for adventure, with all kinds of day trips and extreme sports that are suitable for all ages and abilities. Whether you’re on a budget or ready to treat yourself to a spot of luxury, there are options in Dubai for you.

Planning the best October half term breaks

When you’re thinking about where to head for the half term school holidays, make sure you think about yourself as well as the kids. Don’t forget to plan for plenty of relaxation and choose somewhere that you’ll love just as much as they will.

Soak up the sun and recharge your batteries to help you enjoy the winter and make it through to spring.