PicNap, picnic and nap for foodies who avoid the beaten track

This is the PicNap trend proposal, a plan that includes a pleasant bicycle ride or stroll and the option of enjoying an improvised picnic at a magical spot, followed by a relaxing nap.


Could there be any greater pleasure than finding the ideal spot surrounded by nature, laying down a checked tablecloth and savoring a nice glass of wine in the very best company? That is the idea behind PicNap, a plan that includes a pleasant bicycle ride or stroll with the option of enjoying an improvised picnic at a magical spot, followed by a relaxing nap. Sound good?

A guide for the best PicNap, the perfect nap

There’s no room for improvising when you organize a PicNap, as good planning is essential. Hence the importance of following a number of steps that will ensure a good time:

  1. The place is extremely important, given that the success of the PicNap will depend on the spot you choose. There are three options: beach, city or countryside.
  2. Attention to detail. The atrezzo is the most visual and prettiest part of the PicNap. A wicker basket, napkins, a checked tablecloth, glasses...
  3. The food chosen for a picnic must be fresh, healthy and full of vitamins. The best? Use glass jars and fill them with fruit and vegetables. Carrots, blueberries, lamb's lettuce, blackberries and raspberries should be at the top of your list. If you add a dash of lemon juice, these foods will remain fresh for longer.
  4. The dress code. Soft, comfortable, lightweight clothing, such as sheer dresses or skirts which will add a chic and romantic touch. It is also important to wear loose garments, as these will allow for easier movements when sitting on the picnic cloth.
  5. Cleaning. Make sure you collect your waste and leave the area clean for the next people who come to enjoy their ideal picnic.
  6. Nap, the last step of the PicNap, for which it is essential that you find a shady spot to avoid getting burnt in the sun, as well as making sure you always wear sunscreen in summer and in winter.

In the middle of the countryside

A PicNap plan for you to enjoy aided by the mild climate of the Jerez area is provided by the Barceló Montecastillo Hotel. Guests can choose from two different PicNap options, the Eco version or the Premium one. The Nature PicNap includes a selection of organic products such as the Chef's ‘Eco’ salad, assorted seasonal fruits, detox smoothies, local wine or organic beer. The Gourmet PicNap version includes a selection of Premium cold cuts and cheeses, different types of bread, a selection of seasonal fruits, and reserve red or white wine. The hotel will also be happy to recommend some of the more special routes for your walk, as well as the nicest spots within the estate, such as the olive tree oasis which is close to the villas area on the path towards hole 18, where guests can enjoy the most spectacular views of the complex.

Bicycle rental price: €30 

PicNap price for 2 people: €95