Escape the cold with these romantic getaways. Europe winter escapes for two!

Enjoy the most popular romantic getaways Europe has to offer couples in search of last minute romantic getaways in Dubai, Canary Islands and Barcelona

We don’t know about you, but we’re big Valentine’s Day fans. Just at the time when things are looking a bit cold and grey up here in Northern Europe, an injection of romance is just what we all need to help us battle on through to spring. But, much as we love the big day, we’re also very much of the opinion that Valentine’s Day is most definitely not the only time of year for romantic city breaks, gestures, dinners and adventures. So, if you want to show them that you’d walk a thousand miles for them, why not save yourself the blisters and escape to a land far far away, just the two of you! Without further ado, here’s our list of some of the most romantic getaways Europe has to offer.

The most romantic getaways Europe has to offer - Canary Islands

Jet off to the sunny shores of the Canary Islands and enjoy eternal springlike temperatures throughout the year. Tenerife is a popular choice for lovebirds thanks to its large cultural offering from wine tasting in local vineyards to romantic stargazing on the El Teide volcano. Of course, a dose of island living is not complete without a day at the beach and Tenerife’s wild coastline does not disappoint. Beautiful sandy hideaways such as Playa Enramada offers an idyllic setting for a picture-perfect day at the beach. Tenerife is a fantastic destination for romantic weekend getaways. Away from the stresses and strains of everyday life and surrounded by some of the world’s most beautiful natural and urban landscapes, you’ll make memories that will last you forever and a day.

Romantic getaways for couples in Malaga

The Spanish city of Malaga is often overlooked as a being one of the most popular romantic getaways Europe has to offer. But, those lucky enough to travel to this wonderful city will quickly fall under its spell. Known by locals as being a major cultural hub, Malaga offers a vibrant artistic flair that attracts an equally chic crowd of holidaymakers. It is the perfect destination for enjoying unique romantic getaways since the city is abuzz with exciting things to see and do. Don’t miss out on visiting the ancient Moorish palace of the Alcazaba which boasts beautifully fragrant gardens and breathtaking architecture. And, for art lovers, the Picasso museum is a must! This city is the ideal destination for last minute romantic getaways.

Enjoy a romantic one night getaway in Barcelona

Just a short plane journey from any major European airport, Barcelona is an ideal destination for those looking for the best romantic weekend getaways Europe has to offer. Enjoy a handheld stroll along the city’s golden beachfront, before heading into the heart of Barcelona to soak up Gaudi’s impressive architecture. Barcelona is also a fabulous shopping destination so be sure to make a trip to Plaça de Catalunya where you will find all kinds of major stores mixed in with local boutiques. Don’t miss the medieval Gothic Quarter with its picturesque narrow streets which are lined with some of the best bars, restaurants and coffee shops the city has to offer.

Good places for romantic getaways in Dubai

While Dubai forms part of the United Arab Emirates, it is a wonderful winter sun destination for romantic getaways Europe or further afield. From fine dining and luxury shopping to blue flag beaches, Dubai offers so many things to do on Valentine’s Day. Take a romantic boat ride on the Dubai Creek, treat your loved one to some retail therapy at the Dubai Mall or soak up the sights and smells of the traditional Aziz Saffron market. Be sure to explore the desert either on a guided camel ride or by choosing to set up camp under the stars, Bedouin-style.

Romantic city breaks in Rome

When it comes to European capitals we know Paris has got the reputation for being the best spot for romantic weekend getaways around, but we personally think Rome has got the edge if you’re looking for a city break for two.Curl up in your hotel room after a long day marvelling at the history and gorging on incredible Italian fare.

Valentine’s Day in Venice

Whilst we’re on the subject of Italy, we couldn’t leave Venice off this list. Whilst it’s rather overcrowded with tourists at times, if you pick the right moment to go you can escape the crowds and lose yourselves wandering the back streets and bridges of this magical city.Whether the sun’s shining or the city is draped in mist, Venice is utterly unique and utterly charming.

Where to celebrate Valentine's Day in Seville

Hopping across the Mediterranean to Spain, Seville is yet another perfect European city break for the loved-up couple to enjoy the top romantic getaways Europe has to offer.The cathedral is breath-taking, and your socks will be knocked right off by the vast Plaza de España, which has to be seen both during the day and when it’s all softly lit at night.While a trip to Seville is the perfect Valentine’s gift, avoid the height of summer, as the heat is too much for even the most ardent of lovers.

Romantic getaways to Greece

From city breaks to beach breaks, the beaches of Greece are the perfect place to revel in the summer sun. When it comes to romantic holidays in Europe, you can’t get much better than this.Treat the two of you to a luxurious break in a hotel on the shores of the peninsula, and use it as a base to discover some of Greece’s famous islands, whilst leaving plenty of time for sun worshipping and cocktail sipping.

Bruges – for the ultimate romantic weekend getaways

Moving north, Bruges is only a hop skip and a jump across the channel yet seems like it’s a world away.If romantic city breaks are your thing, then this is the perfect fairy tale city. It’s beautiful at any time of year but particularly charming in the run-up to Christmas, with mulled wine galore and markets ideal for finding cute Valentine’s day gifts. Discover this incredible city and add it to the list of romantic getaways Europe!

Snowy romantic holidays in Europe - The Tirol, Austria

If it’s a winter break you’re after, then you can’t go too far wrong with a sojourn in Austria’s Alps. If you’re keen skiers or snowboarders then skip Valentine's presents as there’s nothing better than a day on the slopes with the one you love.But even if you don’t fancy any extreme sports then there’s still plenty of fun to be had walking through winter wonderlands, exploring the picturesque city of Innsbruck and cosying up in mountain lodges tucking into warming traditional food.

Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas in Iceland

Iceland is the stuff dreams are made of at any time of year. If you can’t imagine anything more romantic than watching the Northern Lights dance whilst you snuggle up to your partner in crime, then plan your Valentine’s Day and head there in the winter.In the summer, there are incredible natural landscapes, waterfalls and hot springs to be explored making it one of the most beautiful romantic getaways Europe offers.