Royal Hideaway Corales Hotel. Can you imagine a completely tailor-made trip?

If Tenerife is your next stop, try the tailor-made experiences at the Royal Hideaway Corales hotel which offer the true essence of this Canary Island and of life by the ocean in the form of a custom-designed stay.

With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, getting a few days off of work for a nice trip, or at least a quick getaway, is nothing short of a miracle. After choosing the perfect destination and hotel, upon arriving you find yourself held hostage by the “tourist syndrome”. In other words, you visit overcrowded sights, you can’t manage to find a restaurant that isn’t a tourist trap, you don’t know the basics about the local culture or the best way to enjoy the city, etc. It ultimately becomes a dull holiday that has nothing in common with your idea of travelling. Well, this is a thing of the past. If your next holiday consists of the white-sand beaches and fantastic weather of the always-sunny Canary Islands, then you’ll be happy to know that this is the location of the first adults-only hotel in Tenerife, an establishment focused on transforming guest stays into personalised and unique experiences, with activities tailored to their wishes.

Tailor-made experiences reach the Royal Hideaway Corales hotel

Gone is the travel concept of spending a few days at a destination before heading home after catching a small glimpse of the local customs, lifestyle and history. Travellers now want experiences that are as immersive as possible so they can take in the destination and create unique memories that will never be mistaken with any other place, regardless of how many years have passed. In a setting as inspiring as Tenerife’s volcanic landscape and lunar appearance, tailor-made experiences have reached the Royal Hideaway Corales Resort to offer the true essence of this Canary Island and of life by the ocean in the form of a custom-designed stay.

Few places in the world can boast the guarantee of perfect weather as well as various UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the historic district of San Cristóbal de la Laguna, Mount Teide National Park and more. Tenerife is also home to several protected landscapes and reserves as well as over 15 natural monuments. If a custom holiday has been on your wish list, then this is the perfect chance to personalise your trip in a stronghold of intact beauty as you enjoy the island’s cuisine and cultural heritage with an amazing host.

There are three basic pillars behind this tailor-made experiential concept and they go straight to the core of everything that serious travellers look for. From hotel activities based on food and other aspects linked to the island (handicrafts, workshops about the local culture, etc.), to soft-adventure plans that connect visitors with all the exciting things Tenerife has to offer in addition to sunbeds (and there are many alternatives), and wellness experiences based on the Atlantic and the benefits of this bright blue ocean that exudes Tenerife’s lifestyle.

The custom trip of your dreams is in Tenerife

The experiences available to guests are not scheduled or invasive activities that ultimately promote the aforementioned “tourist syndrome”, which should be banished from the emotions of a Tenerife getaway. Instead, they have all been created as something dynamic and fully adaptable, and an authentic representation of the island’s character. For example, what do you think of a custom-made dinner prepared by a Michelin-star chef and served in your room? However, the experience goes far beyond savouring an exquisite meal. Guests can also sign up for a live cooking session in which to discover new flavours and learn recipes and techniques in a small group alongside the chef, all in an intimate setting and wearing an official chef coat.

One of the most exciting and special plans of these custom creations is the Star Night Cruise, which consists of stargazing at Mount Teide National Park, classified as a “starlight destination” because it complies with the procedures to protect the sky. Although the stellar landscape is stunning on its own, reaching the spot by boat after a fantastic dinner on board, being accompanied by a Sky Coach who deciphers the mysteries of this natural light show and delving into the world of astronomy takes us to another level.

To continue with the exciting experiences linked to nature, the next main course is an immersion at El Hierro. This small island boasts incredible biological wealth that has earned its recognition as one of the best scuba diving destinations in the world. The ocean floor here is covered with gorgonians, black corals and giant oysters surrounded by colourful reefs. But no description does justice to the impression made by observing all of this biodiversity, the volcanic cliffs that stretch out more than 1,000 metres into the sky and sink 3,000 metres below the water from a private Luxury Boat with a glass bottom.

Upgrading experiences to the next level

In terms of experiential luxury, the Royal Hideaway Corales Resort has spared no expense in creating plans that are out of the ordinary, and if the chance to try all these activities has left you speechless, then wait until you read about the high-flying alternatives. The tailored Luxury Flight is a journey over the island’s contrasting landscapes and wild nature. It includes everything from the fishing towns in the southern region to Santa Cruz de Tenerife, as well as the northern coast and breathtaking views of Puerto de la Cruz and the Orotava Valley. This helicopter ride lasts almost one hour and also features a visit to Mount Teide National Park.

For a finishing touch, why not relieve stress and reach an almost spiritual state of relaxation under the hands of a professional masseur? The idea sounds great, but maybe a tad conventional. Not by a long shot. The hotel’s tailor-made experiences give a new definition to the concept of a wellness treatment, so this relaxing plan is available in suites equipped with a private pool on the terrace, where guests can enjoy a floating massage in the water, followed by a mindfulness session for optimal renewal, inside and out.

Every activity has been designed to offer extra enjoyment and to take advantage of everything Tenerife has to offer at a place where summer is practically a permanent frame of mind that invites everyone to take a break from everything. This philosophy seeps into the 10,000 m2 of the Royal Hideaway Corales Resort, one of the best hotels in Tenerife, with a vanguard design in the shape of a boat, created by the local architect Leonardo Omar. Overlooking La Enramada Beach, the resort adapts to a lifestyle with close ties to the sea as well as to guest expectations of the destination.

With adults-only spaces as well as areas for families, heated pools, spa & wellness facilities, entertainment programmes for all ages and the Maresía restaurant—headed by the Padrón brothers, who hold Michelin stars—this adults-only hotel in Tenerife reinvents the concept of travel and brings together all of Tenerife’s facets for people who want to experience this destination to the fullest.