So much more than a fashion film from Esmeralda Moya

Fashion Films have become a major audiovisual trend in the fashion world. The Spanish actress Esmeralda Moya, stars alongside Barbara Lennie and other celebrities in the first fashion film to be shot at the Madrid Barceló Emperatriz.

The Spanish actress Esmeralda Moya, stars alongside Barbara Lennie and other celebrities in the first fashion film to be shot at the Madrid Barceló Emperatriz. ‘The Room’ is a new venture by the travel sector in which Esmeralda Mayo has put in another dazzling performance.

The fashion film that proves that fashion is in fashion

According to Esmeralda Moya, she wanted to be an actress from a very young age and, although she began her career as a model, she changed direction at the age of 20. “I couldn’t delay any longer my dream of being an actress, and so I returned to live in my home city to study dramatic art”, she says. This supremely versatile blonde has put aside her television career to make The Room, the first fashion film to feature a hotel. The Barceló Emperatriz provided the ideal setting for actresses and celebrities, including Barbara Lennie and Lulu Figueroa, to present this new audiovisual format for lovers of both travel and fashion.The actress, who began working as a model while still a young child and spent some time living in faraway capitals of the modelling world such as Paris, London, Milan and New York, is now best known for her roles in television series such as Tierra de los Lobos (Land of the Wolves) and Los Protegidos (The Protected Ones).

At just 24 years of age, she appeared on the big screen alongside Mario Casas and Ana de Armas in Mentiras y Gordas (Sex, Party and Lies). In addition, she worked alongside Alejo Sauras and Ana Fernandez in Solo química (Just a Little Chemistry) and rejoined them in 2016 for the launch of the new Telecinco series, Jon Kortajarena’s La Verdad (The Truth). Esmeralda is clearly riding a wave of popularity right now, so who better to appear in the first fashion film to be shot in a hotel?

Fashion films are in fashion

Fashion Films have become the latest audiovisual trend in the fashion world for all those who are passionate about travelling in the most exclusive style. This is a different, cutting-edge and original way of presenting audiovisual pieces which break away from tradition and which, on this occasion, brought together the iconic magazine Marie Claire, the Barceló Emperatriz Hotel and one of our favourite cities: Madrid.

In spite of her experience, the actress finds it impossible to quell her nerves during the moments before the start of each shooting session. “I am excited and thrilled by this project because fashion is so closely bound up in my life, and so I’m really delighted to be here”, explained a smiling Esmeralda Moya.

The actress and the rest of the team have managed to condense into a few minutes an amusing story inspired by the classic American comedy films, using the gloss and style of those years. Every inch of this Fashion Film is inspired by the character of the Empress Eugenia de Montijo and the palatial architecture of the nineteenth century, albeit with avant-garde touches.

One of the partners with whom Esmeralda was able to work is the iconic fashion magazine Marie Claire which, in celebration of its 30th birthday, has renewed its association with the hotel to undertake this exquisite cinema production.

Her fluency and self-confidence have made Esmeralda one of the most popular actresses in Spain, and this Fashion Film shows that she can achieve whatever she sets out to do. Moreover, during the recording she admitted that she loves hotels that pay attention to every detail: “My ideal hotel would be like this one; in this hotel I can see that care is taken over even the smallest details, and you are made to feel at home”.

At the age of 32 the actress has reached a high point in her enviable career. They say that to stay young, you must never stop dreaming and Esmeralda has no doubts: she wants to continue with acting and work with the best. In addition, she is passionate about writing, and her blog, Emeralds-girls, has been running for over 4 years.