Surfing Fuerteventura: plan the ultimate trip with Mike Larrea

Let Mike Larrea be your guide to all the very best Fuerteventura surf spots for the ultimate surfing Fuerteventura holiday whatever your ability level.

Fuerteventura, one of the incredible Canary Islands, is a legendary surf destination. But it can be tough to plan the perfect surfing Fuerteventura holiday if you’ve never been there before.

There’s nothing quite like surfing, one of the best water sports there is. It’s a thrill that you just can’t beat, and once you’re hooked, there’s no turning back.

Only a whole week of getting out on the water every day is enough to satisfy your yearnings, but you don’t want to waste any of those days in surf spots that will let you down.

Luckily for you, Mike Larrea’s done all the hard work and discovered all of the best Fuerteventura surf spots for you.

Can’t wait to get out on the waves? Watch Mike’s video to see it with your own eyes, then read on for a bit more information about each of the good places for surfing in Fuerteventura that he picked out on his visit.

Corralejo surf

No one that goes on a Fuerteventura surf holiday can miss out on a session in Corralejo. It’s one of the most famous surf spots in the Canary Islands.

There’s good surfing in Fuerteventura all round the island, but this is the main surf town. You’ll find it in the north-east of the island, only about 40 minutes from the airport.It’s pretty touristy, but much less so than, say, some of the surf resorts in Lanzarote, and there’s plenty to entertain you here, with lots of bars popular with surfers fresh off the waves.

You can surf in Corralejo all year round, although more experienced surfers looking for surf spots in Fuerteventura prefer the winter months, when the waves are impressive. For beginner waves, come in the summertime.In July and August, you can even surf without a wetsuit, which is a reason a lot of Europeans take surf holidays in Fuerteventura.

Esquinzo surf

The next spot that Mike Larrea headed for on his surfing Fuerteventura adventure was Esquinzo, on the east coast of the island.

The strong trade winds meeting local wind make for very clean, easy to surf waves, making it one of the best places to surf for beginners on the island.

Esquinzo is a small village not far from Jandía, and the waves here are long, and normally only about hip height. It’s a great spot for a relaxing surf in the summertime, as Mike found out.

Isla de Lobos surf

Isla de lobos is one of the most famous surfing Fuerteventura spots, and getting out there makes for a great adventure.

It’s a small island to the north of Fuerteventura. To get to the surf spot, you have to take a boat from Corralejo out to the island, and then follow a track for about an hour to cross to the other side.

When the conditions are right, which is most often between October and March, there’s a wave of between 300 and 500 m long, with lots of different sections meaning it’s great surfing for beginners and for all other levels.

You’ll need boots to walk out to the wave over the reef, but there’s also a jetty to help you get into the water safely.

Surfing Fuerteventura: Cofete

Cofete is a spot that not many visitors to Fuerteventura make it to, but those who do are richly rewarded. It’s a long drive along a dirt road to get out here, unless you hop on a boat, like Mike did.

The conditions aren’t often right here, as you need a small swell and no wind to avoid strong currents, so make sure you check with an expert before you head out, and take plenty of water and food with you, as this really is the middle of nowhere.

The best time to visit this beach for surfing is September and October, but it’s worth a visit just to see it at any time of year.

Sotavento surf

As well as regular surfing, Mike Larrea seeks out the best windsurfing spots in Europe too. Mix things up on your surfing Fuerteventura holiday and try your hand at windsurfing.

Playa de Sotavento in the south-east of the island is a great, safe spot for learning, especially in summer, when the winds are consistent. There are also some great bars here for winding down after your lesson.

El Cotillo: one of the best kite surfing locations

The fun doesn’t end with windsurfing. Try your hand at kite surfing in El Cotillo, a quaint village in the north-west corner of the island.

When the conditions are right, this is a spectacular spot to admire kite surfers doing their thing, or you can join them by taking a few kite surfing lessons.

So, what are you waiting for? Book yourself a surfing Fuerteventura trip and enjoy the magic of the waves, at any time of year.