The 2017 Tenerife Carnival: The Canary Islands with a Caribbean spirit

From Wednesday, 22 February through Sunday, 5 March is the "when" of your next getaway. The "where" is Tenerife, the home of Spain's most "Brazilian" Carnival.


From Wednesday, 22 February, through Sunday, 5 March: This is the “when” of your next getaway. The “where” is Tenerife, the home of Spain’s most “Brazilian” Carnival. Amazing weather, music for dancing, a “Caribbean” atmosphere and a lively party scene. Are you going to miss out?

The 2017 Tenerife Carnival


Tenerife is a non-stop celebration. After Christmas, it’s time to kick off the New Year in a bikini and then get ready for the next soiree: the Carnival season, which is held throughout the island, particularly in Santa Cruz. However, most people have planned ahead because they’ve been thinking about Carnival since this year’s theme was announced last summer. In 2017, the Caribbean.

The gala to elect the Carnival Queen, filled with elaborate costumes, is always one of the highlights of the Santa Cruz Carnival. The event takes place Wednesday, and two days later, once the queen has been crowned, Carnival is inaugurated with the announcement parade, in which countless carriages and musicians “spread the Carnival” from Parque de la Granja to Plaza de España with Latin music, drums and festivities.

Carnival Monday (dancing Monday) is followed by the Coso Parade on Tuesday, which is the big day when Avenida de Anaga is transformed into a huge party and the queens, carriages and comparsa troupes hit the streets again. Officially—but only officially—Carnival comes to an end.


Ash Wednesday marks the burial of the sardine. Mourners, widows and loved ones “cry” over the death of a paper-mache sardine that is carried through the streets and then burned.

After this, the Piñata Weekend awaits with more dancing, music and fun, starting on Saturday with the “Carnival by Day” and wrapping up Sunday evening with fireworks.

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