Travel destinations 2021 - Our list of the top 5 places we love

Discover our list of the 5 unmissable travel destinations 2021 for the ultimate guide to places to go on vacation and travel trends 2021.

It is safe to say that 2020 was not the year we had planned for travel. With the whole world forced to stop and take a breath of fresh air, the focus has shifted to searching for innovative, exciting travel destinations 2021.  While our travel plans were severely disrupted this year, the recent events have made us become more appreciative of the array of holiday destinations just waiting to be explored. From wild coastlines to glittering city centres we are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing places to go on vacation.

Popular travel destinations 2021

One of the benefits of having time to slow down and take stock of our travel plans is the discovery of lesser-known locations. Far-flung cities like Sharjah are offering an alternative to neighbouring Dubai while the sunny shores of Cancun are being replaced with the tropical oasis of Zanzibar. The urge to venture off the beaten track and enjoy some quality time with loved ones has driven travellers to search for fresh alternatives to traditional vacation destinations.

Zanzibar travel ideas 2021

Enjoy a taste of island paradise on the far-flung shores of Zanzibar. A place that many only ever daydream about visiting, this island off the coast of Tanzania offers everything from luxury hotels and white sand beaches to spectacular sunsets and delicious tropical food. Get lost in the maze-like Stone Town, a UNESCO world heritage site and discover the local way of life. Soak up the exotic history of this island and participate in a spice tour where you can learn about how Zanzibar was once a leading producer of nutmeg, clove and cinnamon as well as visit organic farms where these spices are still cultivated. Zanzibar is also one of the best tropical vacations for avid divers as visibility in the ocean can stretch up to 35 meters. Look out for the fascinating marine life such as dolphins, white-tipped reef sharks, colourful fishes and exotic rays. It is one of our favourite travel destinations 2021.

Maldives - Top travel destinations 2021

Diving fans will also love the crystalline waters of the Maldives where barefoot luxury meets divine natural landscapes. It is considered by many to be on to the top travel destinations 2021. This collection of picture postcard islands allow travellers the chance to slow down and enjoy the Zen like surroundings of the Indian Ocean. Relax and unwind at a luxury hotel spa where personalised aromatherapy and an invigorating massage will banish any jet lag from weary bodies. And, when night falls, don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit Vaadhoo on the Raa Atoll islands, famous for their bioluminescence (light emitted from living organisms), to experience the ‘sea of stars’. This spectacular natural phenomenon puts this tropical hideaway on the map as one of the best holiday destinations for next year.

United Arab Emirates travel trends 2021

This Arabian paradise is made from seven emirates, each bursting with their own personality. In recent years, Dubai and Abu Dahbi have stolen the limelight when it comes to the glitz and glamour of this luxurious enclave but, there is so much more to these vacation places than meets the eye.

Hot vacation spots - Dubai

Perhaps one of the most international of the seven Emirates, Dubai is home to mind boggling attractions such as the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. It is also a fantastic destination to visit as a family, thanks to the dazzling array of futuristic things to do. Snuggle up under the stars for a romantic night of camping with a Bedouin tribe and get to know the desert landscapes on a thrill seeking, action packed quad bike safari. For those looking to score the latest fashions, Dubai is one of the best places to visit in the world for shopping and one of the top travel destinations 2021.

Off the beaten track travel destinations - Sharjah

The neighbouring city of Sharjah is less travelled but still one of the best places to travel to in 2021. It is considered by many to be the cultural capital of the UAE offering scores of activities for all ages to enjoy. Don’t miss a trip to Al Noor Mosque, the only mosque that accepts non-muslims, and soak up the spiritual surroundings of the intricate architecture and the Kahlid Lagoon. Just next to the lagoon is the luscious Al Noor Island where you can meet over 500 exotic butterflies at The Butterfly House as well as tour the green maze, get up close to art sculptures and enjoy the literature pavilion. Of course, shopping is also a big pastime in Sharjah and the best place to discover local style is the Blue Souk - a huge mall containing over 600 shops.

Where to go in 2021- Tunisia

Tunisia, perhaps isn’t at the front of your mind when looking for travel destinations 2021 but this North African hotspot offers sunkissed Mediterranean coastline and beautiful sandy beaches. Largely undiscovered, there is so much more to Tunisia than all inclusive beach resorts making it one of the best countries to visit in 2021. The city of Tunis is a melting pot of sights and sounds and a great place to start your trip. Be sure to visit the medina before setting off for the ruins of Carthage located just a stones throw from the city walls. For a real adventure, visit Djerba, the island of a thousand palms for a real ‘Treasure Island’ style escape. Then, to top off your travels with some R&R, be sure to visit Port El Kantaoui which is home to some of the most exclusive beaches in the whole of Tunisia.

Best vacation destinations 2021 - Sri Lanka

Venture to the land of elephants and tea for a magical tour of Sri Lanka. One of the best travel destinations 2021, Sri Lanka is the perfect destination for a long haul family holiday. Discover the bustling capital of Colombo, home to tantalizing street food and technicolour Budhist temples. One thing you cannot miss when in Sri Lanka is the tea plantations. The most famous being the plantation once owned by Sir Thomas Lipton at the Nuwara Eliya. Don’t pass up the chance to discover the largest complex of cave temples in the popular tourist resort of Dambulla where you can also rest and relax at one of the luxury spa hotels in the area. There is so much to see and do in Sri Lanka that it is no surprise that it is viewed by many as one of the best vacation destinations in the east.